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4 Key Considerations In Choosing A Car Accident Attorney

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May 5, 2021


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What happens if you're involved in a car accident? Becoming a victim of a road mishap isn’t a laughing matter – but it's important to keep calm and handle the situation in a level-headed manner.

Imagine you're driving around in your Land Rover, which is a 4x4 vehicle and is also an off-road vehicle when you suddenly get tailed by a car that is under a 4x4, and then an accident happens along the way. It's very important to document all of the things that happen immediately after a car accident. This will help your case if it ever goes to court or if you need to use the information in claiming compensation for damages and injuries. Keep the following in mind when you are part of a car crash:

  • After the car accident, quickly determine if anyone is injured due to the collision. If someone is injured, call 911 for an ambulance to come to the scene and the police to be on the scene as well. Even if the accident was relatively minor and nobody is hurt, you still need to call the police because this could lead to an official report. That way you'll have an official account to give to your insurer.
  • If you're involved in an accident and need some kind of medical attention, you should immediately consult with your doctor or emergency room staff. For car accidents may cause trauma, injury, and fracture. Doctors should be able to tell you what to do in the case of a car accident and help you in your recovery process.
  • Rover accidents may happen due to potential transmission and brake failures which can result in a collision. It’s even more dangerous if the accidents happen off-road since the car can run off the ditches or flip over. The Rover’s side and front panels will be affected and can be damaged when accidents like this happen. One of the most crucial things, when you’re involved in this kind of accident was talking to a car accident attorney that will help you ensure that you'll be compensated for the damages of your car and the injuries you sustained. You must hire a competent and trustworthy lawyer.

4 Factors to Consider When Looking for A Car Accident Attorney

You need a good car accident attorney like those from the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal to ensure that your rights are protected after a traffic collision. Therefore, you need to consider the following factors when looking for a lawyer:
1. Specialization
When choosing a car accident lawyer, you need to consider this crucial factor: his or her expertise in the specific area of law that requires attention. Not all lawyers are experienced in each specific area of the law. It's therefore important to consider their relative familiarity with the area as well as their fee structures. If possible, choose a lawyer who’s familiar with the particular area of law that requires resolution. Working with a lawyer that specializes in car accidents will make your case easier to handle and win.

2. Experience and Reputation

Solid experience and excellent reputation are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer. Here's why:

  • The success rate is a good indicator of the results that you can expect once you decide to hire him or her. Ask how many car accident cases the attorney has settled successfully.
  • Referrals from previous clients will help you verify a lawyer's reputation and experience in dealing with similar cases.
  • Choose a lawyer who's respected in his field of specialization. You'll know you're working with a reputable attorney when his industry peers and colleagues trust and respect him.

3. Fee Structure
When choosing a car accident lawyer, you should find out about his fee structures and payment methods. Most lawyers charge a flat-rate fee for their services, while some work on a contingency fee basis. Attorneys who work on a contingency fee basis receive a percentage of any money the client receives as compensation. The fees of a lawyer working on a flat rate fee may be lower than those of lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis. Nevertheless, it's essential to verify how much it’ll cost you to hire your preferred lawyer.

Your choice of lawyer will greatly affect the outcome of your case so it’s important to choose the best attorney you can afford. A top-notch lawyer will help you win your case, but you'll have to pay them more if you win for they’ll try to get the maximum for their fees. Before choosing a lawyer, it's best to do your research and get all your questions answered. It's important to be completely clear on the charges and the payment scheme at the beginning of the case. Make sure you fully understand the payment plan and what's not included in it.

4. Availability
Ask how much time your attorney will be able to spend on your case. The firm and the lawyer should be friendly and willing to take your call. You should feel comfortable communicating with your attorney and in return, your preferred lawyer should be able to explain your situation clearly. Don't hesitate to ask questions related to your case and see how accommodating your lawyer is before deciding to hire him.


It's always better to err on the side of caution when hiring a lawyer. You could get an overview of a lawyer's success and credibility by the number of referrals from people whom he has served in the past. It’ll be a mistake not to hire a car accident attorney after a car accident; but choose one that's skilled, experienced, reputable, and most of all, honest and reliable.

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