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Advantages of Ford Tourneo Custom as a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

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March 4, 2022


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Ford Torneo Custom

Not so many vehicles are designed in a way that can access individuals with special needs. Most manufacturers invent cars without bearing in mind that not everyone can smoothly get in by themselves.

It is challenging for individuals using wheelchairs or walking frames to move around using vehicles because they are not designed to accommodate them. The Ford Tourneo Custom is among the few wheelchair-accessible cars. It can accommodate a maximum of three passengers who are using wheelchairs.

Individuals or families opting to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle should consider a Ford Tourneo Custom because of the following reasons. You can also checkout the new Ford Tourneo Custom WAV to learn more.


A Motability scheme is designed to help disabled people move around in their cars. The plan allows those with mobility allowance to buy or lease vehicles at discounted prices. Compared to cars in
the Motability scheme, the Ford Tourneo Custom is cheaper.

When looking for a vehicle, you will probably want one that is affordable but pure quality. Buy a car that is within your budget to avoid having any financial constraints. Affordability should go hand in hand with quality.

The Ford Tourneo Custom is not only wheelchair accessible but also has front and rear parking sensors. Moreover, it has heated seats, among other features. These features are not in every vehicle in the Motability scheme.

Seating layout

Do you care about a car’s seating layout when buying? Or do you settle for just any? Most families consider the seating layout when hunting for a vehicle to buy. This is because kids can sometimes want to sit together. The Ford Tourneo is perfect for such situations.

The layout is made so that it can fit five people: four passengers and a driver. If necessary, you can add another seat in the front row. There is a wheelchair position in the second row with two passenger seats on each side.

The seating layout is perfect for siblings who want to sit beside each other as they travel. It is a family-friendly vehicle.


Does your car have easy access for a disabled person using a wheelchair? No? How wide are the doors? One of the critical things to look at when buying a car that can serve a disabled friend or family member is the ease of accessibility.

Will the wheelchair fit in, or will you have to fold it in the boot? It is best to opt for a car that has wheelchair positions in it. This way, you do not have to carry an individual, buckle them in the seat, and keep their wheelchair in a boot.

A Ford Tourneo Custom WAV has two sliding doors. These doors make it easy to access the second row where there is a wheelchair position. The sliding doors are helpful since there is still access even in a confined parking lot. It also has a folding ramp with a lowered floor that makes entry easy from the rear. Read more here


This model is advanced as it is equipped with the latest technology. The car was first released four years ago when technological advances and updates were made. There are two types of these models: manual and automatic.

It is an advanced vehicle with modern specifications like a Bluetooth-connected music system. It also has a touchscreen display that can be connected with an individual's smartphone. Integration of the two allows you to access your phone calls and messages on the car's touchscreen display. It also has a voice control system and a SYNC audio system. It is simply fitted with the latest technology.

There is the ease of loading and getting the wheelchair from the car at night because it has internal lights that are bright enough. The interior lights are automatic. The lift used in such a model is also remote-controlled. A remote also powers the sliding side doors. The driver’s and passenger’s seat can be interchanged depending on the version you buy.


Picture yourself traveling for long hours in a vehicle whose seats are uncomfortable. Imagine the pain and muscle cramps that you will get after that. Nobody ever wants to travel in a car that offers no comfort. Every passenger values their comfort when traveling.
Some models of this car have a rear air condition controlled separately from the one in the front. These models are Sports and Titanium. Some passengers prefer models that have privacy glass in the rear too. The glass is mostly tinted and offers privacy to passengers in the second row and the wheelchair position.

Comfort is not just centered on passengers but the driver as well. The driver's seat is heated and adjustable. The steering wheel is leather trimmed too. A passenger using a wheelchair can enjoy scenic views because the vehicle is positioned strategically to give them clear frontal and side views. Comfort was made a priority during the making of these vehicles.


The vehicle is fitted with seatbelts for every passenger to maximize their safety. Versions with automatic lifts allow a disabled passenger to freely and independently get into the car. There are wheelchair restraints of high quality that secure the wheelchair in one place when the vehicle is moving. The low anti-grip floor is also for safety purposes. Click here to read more.


One does not need to fold the seats or remove them to accommodate a wheelchair passenger. There is enough room to fit one in the rear. This vehicle is among the best wheelchair-accessible vehicles available in the market. When buying, feel free to choose any specification you desire to meet your needs. The seating layout of your car will also determine the floor plan. Pick a style that best suits you.

The Ford Tourneo Custom WAV will be one of the best choices you make when investing in a family car. It accommodates up to nine people without them feeling camped in one place. Choose a version you desire the most and find a trustworthy dealer who will help you acquire one.

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