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Car Owners: 5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Car on the Road Longer

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September 28, 2021


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Buying a car is a huge investment; you need to take care of it to give you long-term service. When you keep your vehicle in great shape, you don't have to keep worrying about repairs and breakdowns when moving from one point to another. Additionally, keeping your car looking great and in good shape prevents it from depreciating fast. This way, if you decide to sell it, you can still fetch a reasonable price for it. The following clever ways can help you keep your car on the road longer.

Take care of the tires

Tires play a significant role in keeping you safe on the road as well as improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Maintain your tires by ensuring they are inflated at all times, aligning, and rotating them regularly. Rotate your tires every 3000 to 5000 miles and go for an alignment bi-annually or annually. Rotating the tires prevents wear and tear and potential damage to your vehicle’s suspension.

Keep it clean

Washing your car every so often contributes to its maintenance. Environmental elements, such as grime, dust, and mud, can accumulate on your vehicle's surface, and when left unattended, they can damage the paint, corrode metal parts, and leave permanent marks. Regularly cleaning your car prevents such problems and helps you keep your vehicle on the road longer. Consider your driving conditions and weather to determine the number of times you should clean your car. Remember to wax your car's paint to give it extra protection from dirt and also pay attention to wheel rims and tires.

Regularly service your vehicle

Although your car may not have any noticeable damage, it’s essential to take it in for regular servicing at a trusted mechanic. iCarsoft CR Max can help you realize areas of your vehicle that need maintenance, such as failing brake pads, running low on engine oil or transmission fluid, and battery needs, by making a quick diagnosis. Additionally, check your car's mileage or manual to determine when it's due for servicing and recommendations for preventive maintenance.

Drive carefully

Your car enables you to get to places in good time, whether you're going to work, dropping kids off at school, or running daily errands. Reckless driving increases the chances of causing damage to your car through road accidents and breakdowns. Careful driving means accelerating slowly, anticipating braking instead of stopping in a panic, revving your engine, and allowing the car to warm up before driving if it's freezing outside. Remember to observe traffic rules and signs for enhanced safety.

Avoid carrying extra weight

Extra weight on your vehicle puts pressure on vital systems leading to premature wear. It puts additional demand on the engine and creates exhaust, suspension, and braking problems. Check whatever is in your car that you don't need or is causing extra drag, and toss it out.

Treat your car the same way you treat your body, with extra care. Your car is an investment that can last long if you’re mindful of how you treat it. Maintain the condition of your car by driving carefully, keeping it clean, regular maintenance, and unloading extra weight.

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