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Compelling reasons why you should always see a doctor after a car accident

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October 23, 2020


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Accidents happen, and sometimes people get hurt. After a car accident, your emotions may cloud your better judgment and you may find yourself too preoccupied to visit a medical professional. You've only bumped your head...or have a tingling sensation in your leg, but it'll pass, right?

The truth is, you’re probably wrong. Being in a car crash means putting your whole life at risk, and not just your morality. You could also be facing a loss of income, damage to your property, spiraling medical bills and even the death of a loved one – if you’ve been in a car accident reach out to a local litigation and trial lawyer for more information. However, seeking medical attention means that you’re not only preserving your physical wellbeing but also take the steps necessary to protect yourself legally.

Read on for some compelling reasons why you should always see a doctor after a car accident.

You’re unknowingly gathering evidence

If you're planning on pursuing a personal injury case, then you're going to need evidence. Thankfully, there are several opportunities to gather evidence for your case, including photographs of the crash site, witness testimonies, dashcam or CCTV footage, a police report and of course, your doctor's notes and treatment plan.

Anyone can claim that they sustained certain injuries at a certain time or due to a particular event, however in a personal injury case you’re going to need more than just your word. Visiting a doctor after a crash means creating a paper trail of evidence that you sustained certain injuries and proof of the treatments you received. This is crucial when you’re trying to prove how the accident affected you and how much it’s continuing to cost you financially, physically and mentally.

You could be more injured than you think

Moving away from the legal side of things, if you simply brush off your injuries and fail to get them looked at properly then you could be putting your health at risk. After a crash, you're likely to be filled with adrenaline, anger, fear and emotional distress which can mask the severity of your injuries.

Internal bleeding, a head injury, broken bones, fractures, soft tissue damage - these kinds of injuries may not manifest properly until several hours of the accident, which means by the time you see a medical professional, you could have made things worse.

The validity of your injuries may be put into question

If you choose to file a personal injury claim and you failed to seek medical attention after the crash, then you could inadvertently be harming your case. The other party may question if your injuries were caused by something else that happened between the time of the crash and your claim, that the pain has always been there, or that you're deciding to make it all up to try and file a lawsuit.

Final thoughts…

It’s essential that you seek medical attention after any kind of accident and then reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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