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April 9, 2020


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A battery is a device that supplies electricity in the form of direct current to any device, equipment or machinery. It is obvious that they are so very important in our everyday lives. Different forms of batteries exist but our focus in this article is on the automotive battery.

There are many very important components and parts of a motor vehicle. One of such is the battery. It is what causes the ignition to respond, while also controlling every electronic component in the car such as lights, sound system, power windows, etc. especially when the car is not running. A vehicle is so dependent on it that without it, it won’t go anywhere except of course it is towed. You can learn more about this here.

An automotive battery is one that supplies direct electrical current to a car. It is rechargeable either by the alternator in the car or for electric vehicles, by electricity. It is usually used to start the ignition which brings the engine to life and afterward, the alternator takes over the supply of the electric current while at the same time making sure the battery is being charged.

Despite the increasing awareness of electric and hybrid cars, they are still very much limited in availability. This means that most cars still use the old, reliable and trusted battery to get running before handing over to the alternator to continue supplying electric current to the vehicle.

With this very important work of a car battery, buying a good one to power your car's electrics will give you a great deal of peace of mind. Car batteries do not last forever. Though they might last a long time, they do have expiry dates. After expiration, a great way to use your dead battery again is through reconditioning.  Learn how to renew your worn-out battery into 100% functional one from Battery Reconditioning Expert.

Its longevity and life span is also dependent on usage and other factors like climate. Colder climate generally supports a longer life and the more you use it, the better for it.

You can learn more about the ideal time for a replacement here:

What are the Things to Consider When Purchasing a Battery?

Size and Specification

Batteries have dimensions and your car probably has a particular design or dimension and size that will fit perfectly. Consult your owner’s manual to know the correct size for your car’s make and model. This will help you know the most suitable one to buy.

Date of Manufacture

There is a code on batteries consisting of a letter and number. While the letter indicates the month, the number indicates year of manufacture. Do not buy batteries that are older than 6 months from their manufacture date.

Reserve Capacity

This is important as it measures how long it will run on its power without being charged by the engine and before it runs out. Higher reserve capacity is useful especially during times when there is alternator failure or when any electronic components that use it are left on accidentally.


Battery power is measured using its Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). This is the required energy to start an engine in cold temperatures. If you live in cold climates, getting one with higher CCA will be an important factor for you.


Batteries are either low maintenance or maintenance-free. The low maintenance will need you to periodically check the electrolyte level and add more when it is low. Most times, maintenance-free is usually more expensive because it requires no such regular checks.

How Reputable is the Brand?

Most quality batteries might not come cheap but it is an investment that is worth it. Buying from a reputable brand will save you money and give you peace of mind in the long run.


Most quality batteries if used well can last upwards of 5 years. One with a long warranty generally indicates it is a quality product.

Which Are the Good Batteries?

There are many good manufacturers of car batteries. One of the best batteries you can get is the Everstart range of batteries. They are usually sold at Walmart. These are some of the best and Walmart provides you with great discounts and deals on these batteries. You can Check the BATTERY MAN GUIDE - Review of Automotive Battery Walmart for some of these discounts.

We will now briefly list some batteries that come highly recommended.

Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 35S

This 12V battery comes with a 550 cold-cranking amps and a reserve capacity of 100 ampere-hour that gives life to your vehicle. Whatever the weather condition, you can be certain to get a reliable start. With a 5 year warranty, it fits varying types and models of vehicles. It also easy to connect cables to both the negative and positive terminals. As a bonus, you will get free testing and installation at a local Walmart Center.

Everstart Value Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 24F

The Group 24F battery has a starting power that is greater than industry standards. It has 585 cold-cranking amps making it very reliable in any weather condition. It is easy to install and is compatible with most car models. It has a 1-year replacement warranty, free testing, and installation and also free recycling of old batteries.

Everstart Plus Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 65-3

This 12-volt battery can work on different models and makes of cars. It provides up to 650 cold-cranking amps which is reliable during cold and snow. It is easy to install as it has a top post which gives easy access to the terminals. It comes with a two-year replacement warranty and there’s also free testing, installation, and recycling of old batteries when you purchase at the Walmart Auto Care Center.

Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 78N

Designed to work on various car models, this 12V battery produces a cold-cranking of 800 amps and a reserve capacity of 110 ampere-hours. It is easy to install and has a 5-year warranty – 3-year replacement and 2 years prorated.


When buying batteries, always go along with your older one for exchange with the new so as avoid paying a core charge. If the older one is not available as at the time of purchase, return it much later along with your receipt so you can get a refund. A core charge is a refundable deposit paid when a battery is purchased. It is refunded at the point of returning the battery. Retailers all over the United States can charge a core charge and it is mandatory in over 30 states

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