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Five Things All New Drivers Must Know About

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August 7, 2020


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A new driver will pick up all the skills they need to know, hypothetically speaking, to drive safely on the road. However, aside from those essential driving lessons, there are other skills associated with owning or driving a car that aren’t as widely covered. Here are five things we have to remember to teach our new, and especially our young, drivers.

Defensive driving

A newly registered driver might feel like they have learned all that they need to, but it’s never too soon to start brushing up on their skills. Furthermore, as they get more used to driving, they can start to learn about defensive driving on top of that. This is basically the skill of being more aware of the road conditions and traffic around oneself, and always driving in a way to mitigate potential risks from other vehicles on the road. There are plenty of defensive driving courses available to those who have passed their test.


Getting to know your auto is a great way to make sure it’s kept in the best condition possible. A lot of new drivers mistakenly believe that they need to have a mechanic’s license to pop open the hood or get under the car. However, there are several automotive DIY repairs and maintenance jobs that any driver can do with a little practice, and it’s worth taking the time to learn them for the money they can save, alone.

If you're fairly confident working on cars, this maintenance jobs checklist is very useful.

Managing distraction

Distractions are one of the biggest risks on the road, especially for young drivers. Distractions from passengers, phones, eating in the car, or any other sources shave off essential seconds of reaction time. That can be the difference between a very risky situation and a near-miss. If you’re dealing with a younger driver, it might be wise to impose some rules regarding what and who is allowed in the car.

Dealing with accidents

It’s never wise to act as though an accident will never happen, even if we drive safely. It’s better to have a plan of action in case it happens. This includes getting in touch with the emergency services, insurance provider, and a car accident lawyer after securing yourself out of the vehicle. Those parties can advise you on how to act further, such as gathering evidence from the scene to support your claim.

Solving breakdowns

Breaking down in the middle of the highway can be just as risky as getting involved in an accident. One of the best ways to handle this risk is to have a car emergency kit available. It can include high visibility safety gear, equipment such as jumper cables to get you up and running, and the means to get in contact with help, such as a portable battery for your smartphone.

Do you think a new or young driver in your life might be lacking any of the skills mentioned above? Then take the time to talk to them or find resources that can help teach them more effectively what they need to know.

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