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March 9, 2023


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Whether you’ve just bought a brand-new motor or you’ve got an old banger, keeping it looking new and performing well is a must. An estimated 33.2 million cars are on our roads most days of the week and you’ll want yours to look the best as you drive by.

Cars need care and attention to perform and without that, you may find yourself taking it to a garage for impromptu repairs frequently. This is something you’ll want to avoid given the current cost of living crisis. What’s more, having a new looking interior and exterior is straightforward to achieve and will boost your confidence out on the roads.

So, if you want your car to perform at its best and look great too, the following tips are for you. Read on to find out more.

Get it squeaky clean

According to a study completed by Cazoo, Brits thoroughly clean their car inside and out every 11 weeks. This average means the car will build up a lot of dirt over that time, which will make it appear old. Instead, try to clean your car fortnightly if you have the time and it’ll shine like the day you bought it.

Don’t let rust take over

There are a lot of mechanical moving parts in a car that can get rusty if they’re not treated regularly. One of the easiest ways to prevent a build-up of rust is to apply lubricant every 5,000 miles you drive. This will reduce friction and wear, which should prevent any problems from arising with your vehicle.

Choose a good parking spot

Where you leave your car parked can also cause your motor to lose its new car look too. This is especially true when parking underneath trees. Branches can fall which causes damage and pesky birds may even poo on your vehicle too. Instead, find a spot in the open with wide bays, so you don’t risk scratching your doors on vehicles parked in the next spot over.

Interior detailing

Climbing in and out of your car may bring dirt and debris into it, so you’ll need to pay attention to your interiors too. We recommend hoovering and then placing floor mats down. These are much easier to clean and will keep the vehicle flooring free from stains.

Book a service

It’s recommended that you service your car every year and many do it at the same time as their MOT. A service ensures all of the car's parts are up to scratch and mechanics can also find any issues and fix them before they cause more problems down the line. There are different levels of service, so do your research before booking.

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