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New or Old: Choosing your Defender

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May 21, 2022


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Land Rover Defenders are desirable cars for an onslaught of reasons. They look great. They travel well. They open up the opportunity of offroading and exploring new, muddy, wet environments that you wouldn’t be able to traverse in your standard car. But when you buy a Defender, you’re making a pretty big investment. These vehicles don’t come cheap and, if you’re looking to modify yours, you could find yourself forking out even more. So, you’re going to want to make sure that you buy the right vehicle the first time round. Now, there are countless factors that you’ll need to take into consideration to achieve this, but a major one is deciding whether to buy used or new. Here are some of the pros and cons of each.

The Perks of a New Land Rover

When you buy a new land rover, you get a brand new vehicle that has come straight off the production line. As you can imagine, this is ideal in many ways. You know that the vehicle is in pristine condition and will have full knowledge of any work that goes on with it over the years, giving you an accurate history of the vehicle. New vehicles also tend to have minimal problems, as all elements of the vehicle are brand new too. If anything does go wrong, you’ll usually have a warranty that will see you receive repairs or a replacement vehicle free of charge. When you choose a new Landrover, you also benefit from being able to choose the exact one you want - automatic or manual, the colour, the interiors, special additions such as rear sensors and so much more.

The Perks of a Used Landrover

Of course, new Landrovers come at a higher cost. They also lose a whole lot of value as you drive them off the forecourt as it switches from “new” to “used” the moment you drive it. When you buy a used Land rover, you can save a lot of money and - if the seller is honest and you can get a full service history - you can get some good insight into its condition too. On top of this, you may not get a warranty, but you can buy an extended warranty by looking into reviews of Endurance. When you get a used Landrover, however, you may be limited with specifics and might have to have work done to modify your vehicle to exactly how you want it to be.

The Right Choice for You

At the end of the day, only you can make the right choice when it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of a new or used vehicle and whether it will meet your needs or not. This is such a specific and personal question that you will need to consider lifestyle, budget and elements of personal preference to determine what you want.

Hopefully, some of the guidance above will help you to make more of an informed decision when choosing a vehicle. Each tip will make a big difference, so bear it in mind!

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