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Top 4 Best Used High-End Off-Road Cars

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March 12, 2021


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Whether you have a knack for off-roading or your job needs you to go beyond the tarmac, a good off-road vehicle can make things very easy.
While the top-tier off-roaders are way out of the buying power of an Average American in today’s economy, there are some used off-road vehicles that you can use.

In this countdown of our top 4 picks for the best off-road machines, we’ll be focusing on reliability and creature comforts.

Let’s get into the list without further ado.

1. Land Rover Discovery

If you want to be unstoppable on and off the road, on a tight budget, a used Land Rover Discovery is what you need. This midsize luxury SUV offers all the little quirks and features that make off-road traveling fun and easy.
The things that make this vehicle a good entry on this list include:

  • Up to 5.2L V8 engines available with a maximum of 340hp power output. You’ll not be limited by anything.
  • The solid rear axle makes sure that the car remains planted on the ground no matter what terrain it is on.
  • The interior has all the comforts you can need from an off-road machine including power seats, adjustable steering wheel, automatic climate control, and others.
  • This SUV can pull over 8,000lbs and is equipped with trailer sway control to make hauling easier and safer.
  • If you are looking for a fuel-efficient off-road machine, this SUV comes with an I-4 engine that’s good for 30mpg combined.
  • The sheer weight of this vehicle (just under 6,000lb) gives it stability and makes it comfortable when cruising down a highway.

While this SUV costs upwards of $50,000 new, you can find a used land rover discovery for under $30,000.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

If you want to circumnavigate the earth on a car, this is it. It has been given all sorts of names from the indestructible truck to the most reliable machine ever. Toyota has purposely over-engineered this car to make it outlive its owner and their generations.

Dependability does not mean the death of comfort. The inside of this SUV is full of everything you’ll ever need.

The things that make it one of the best off-road vehicles to ever be include:

  • A turbocharged 4.2L I-6 engine that can put out 202hp and a whopping 430Nm of torque means that there can exist no situation in which the engine will not be sufficient to get you where you need.
  • This model of the Land Cruiser was introduced as a luxury family car that you can take off-road. It has all the comforts you can ever need on an off-road journey.
  • It has mechanically-activated differentials that have a very low probability of failure.
  • The suspension on this SUV is the best match between stiffness for stability and comfort for cruising.
  • It is one of the cars that are very cheap to repair.

You can find these SUVs for under $20,000 and if you want to buy an exceptionally well-kept example that would only set you back under $35,000.
In case you want to make your off-roading experience more comfortable and luxurious, you can get the Lexus trim of the same model. It has all the features a 1990s car could have.

3. Mercedes G-Wagen

Yes, that’s spelled Wagen, not Wagon, it’s German. If you want to be 100% confident that nothing can stop you, you want three differentials. One in the transfer case, and one in each of the axles.
The G-Wagen gives you just that.
Even though this thing has the aerodynamics of a refrigerator and weighs as much as a small home, it has some really nice tricks up its sleeve.
What makes this one of the most desirable off-road vehicles? Let’s see:

  • It comes with engines putting out up to 620hp and a powertrain that is unlike anything else on the market.
  • It is one of the very few production SUVs with 3 locking differentials. It means that it can send power to any of the wheels at any time and all that is controlled mechanically for reliability.
  • It can climb a 100% grade from a standstill, if you want any proof of where the $180,000 goes.
  • The interior of this vehicle is the same as that of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class but is a lot wider and taller and more spacious than that.
  • It offers all the luxury and technological features available in the S-Class limousines.

Price is not quite the selling point for this car. The cheapest examples of this SUV will set you back $40,000. For a 30-year-old car with a hundred thousand miles on it.
The ex-factory price of new units is $150,000 but these are going for more than $250,000 due to the high demand.
It is truly said that the G-Wagen is the most capable SUV that no one takes off-road.

4. BMW X7

The X7, launched in 2018, is the biggest vehicle and the flagship SUV produced by BMW. Like its cousin the G-Wagen, this German boy is also centered around luxury and capability.
This SUV is one of the best on the market because:

  • It comes with a 600hp V8 engine and BMW’s new all-wheel-drive system meaning that there’s nothing like non negotiable terrain for this machine.
  • The interior of this big honker of an SUV is wider, longer, and more spacious than most of the competition on the market.
  • All the seven seats (even the last row) are heated and ventilated and have their own climate zone.
  • The interior is covered in leather, aluminum, and wood, no cheap plastic anywhere.

This car is on sale for a base price of $95,000 as of now. You can find slightly used ones for under $80,000.
In our opinion a used Land Rover Discovery is the best SUV that you can get. This is taking into account the capability, comfort, and price of the vehicles.

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