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Top 6 Must-Have Essentials For Every Motorcycle Owner

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November 24, 2020


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Motorcycles are indeed a popular alternative road transport method for many who want to ditch the headaches of using cars. Many motorcyclists cite the freedom they enjoy while riding and the chance of beating traffic as popular reasons why they choose to ride motorbikes. Research shows that there were about 35,000 registered motorcycles in Texas alone. Owning a motorbike requires that you secure some essentials that make your ownership easier and safer. So, if you’re thinking of getting your first motorcycle, here is a list of essentials you cannot live without.

1. Proper motorcycle locks

A study by the Motorcycle Action Group revealed that one in forty-six registered motorcycles in the UK were lost to theft in 2019. This statistic makes motorcycles the most likely transportation medium for thieves to steal in the country. Consequently, it would be prudent to spare no expense in safeguarding your bike from theft. Motorcycle locks are a practical means of achieving this. While these locks aren't a total guarantee against theft, they certainly frustrate the efforts of the average burglar. Therefore, buy proper motorcycle locks, preferably one for each wheel to discourage thieves and lessen the likelihood of losing your bike to theft.

2. Tool Kit

Tool kits are handy for maintenance works on your motorcycle, so invest in assembling one with the required tools. Many experienced bikers recommend having items like Allen sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers. You could also do with some cable ties and microfiber towels. Given your tires’ importance to your riding ability, ensure that you have a good tire inflator as part of your kit just in case. A tire inflator enables you to check your tires’ pressure and re-inflate your tires irrespective of your location. Consequently, the device can potentially save you from accidents and prevent you from getting lost or stranded. It is definitely something you would want to have on you always.

3. Cycling gloves

Cycling gloves are another crucial part of your must-haves as a motorcyclist. Cycling gloves typically provide comfort by protecting your palms from becoming dry. Also, these gloves absorb the majority of the vibration you feel in your hands during rides. They prevent your hands from tingling and numbing, which is common especially during long rides. Aside from comfort, these gloves further serve practical safety purposes by giving you a firmer grip on your handlebars. Gloves are also a style accessory for riders, so consider strapping some stylish gloves to protect yourself while looking trendy.

4. Motorcycle cover

Several bikers recommend that you have a good bike cover as part of your bike essentials. Bike covers are a functional alternative to storing your motorcycle in a garage or under some other covering. Your bike will be well hidden under a sheet, reducing visibility and therefore lowering the risk of theft. Also, these covers protect your bike from the sun's rays, wind, and rain. As such, thick covers are usually ideal when you store bikes outside. Conversely, some experts opine that you use lightweight covers even while it is in a garage because elements like dust can still stain your motorcycle. Therefore, secure a proper lightweight motorcycle cover to shield your bike from the elements while inside to prevent mould build-up and preserve the motorcycle's finish.

5. Earplugs

Earplugs are a vital accessory that is popular among many motorcycle riders for good reasons. According to many cycle riders, they mostly experience a persistent ringing sound in their ears after riding, known as tinnitus. Research conducted by Auritech, a reputed earplug manufacturer, discovered that riding your bike for about four minutes at 70 mph (miles per hour) without ear protection generates enough wind noise to cause permanent hearing damage! Therefore, ensure that you wear earplugs anytime you go out for a ride to save yourself from wind, traffic and engine noises and preserve your hearing.

6. Helmets

Helmets are a widespread necessity that several safety experts recommend for all motorcycle owners. Choosing the right helmet is vital to your road safety, so you should invest quality time and money into finding the right fit for you. Some safety experts recommend choosing your helmet based on your head’s size and shape. Also, consider the ventilation construction, the mask’s tightness, and whether it has exhaust ports that facilitate easy breathing. Helmets will keep you safe in case you crash; a reality that can affect every road user. In case you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to contact motorcycle accident attorneys devoted to your case.

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