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Top Tips For Modifying Your Land Rover

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August 25, 2021


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We love our Land Rovers in Britain, in fact, few brands are as synonymous with the country as the trusted Land Rover. From our shores to the Serengeti and everywhere in between, off-road enthusiasts have been “roving” all over the world for decades. Our love of all things “off the beaten track” extends way past the curb-climbers of Sloan Square in London and when you’re ready to take your Landy to the next level, here are some great ideas to help you do just that.

Land Rover Discovery off-road

Engine Modifications

It starts where it starts and don’t get us wrong, your Land Rover comes standard with some industry-beating equipment both at home and abroad.  But...we love going a step or two deeper.  When it comes to your Defender, for example, you’re spoilt for choice in the motor modification department.  You have a choice of 7 engines and depending on the body style and model you select, you’ll want to tailor that choice accordingly.  Also, consider what you’re using your Landy for and then work back from that.  From the P300 MHEV, in both petrol and diesel engines and the P400e PHEV, (hybrids and all) you’re going to have a lot of fun finding new and exciting ways to choose - and then try out your new motor.


Just like a good catwalk model, no outfit is complete...without heels. Or rather in this Whatever analogy works for you, you can choose wheels for aesthetic or practical purposes and you get the added kick of a selection that works for you. Steel wheels are practical and hard-wearing, but heavy. Alloy wheels are lighter, more aesthetically pleasing (in some eyes) but can crack.


Pirelli, Avon and Continental all offer outstanding variants for your pride and joy and you get to choose the exact version that works for your lifestyle. Snow, sand, tar, off-road - whatever, whenever a stout set of tyres will set your Landy apart.

LED Lights

A relatively inexpensive way to change up the look of your car. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to make your ‘Rover look like a nightclub (unless that’s what you really want…), but adding rows of LEDs on the interior of your Land Rover around the seal of the roof or outside under the roof rack can make it look cool and serve a function besides.

For the emergency services, you'll want to look at LED light bars designed for that purpose.

Strut braces

The main purpose of a “strut bar” is to make your vehicle handle better when you’re driving hard. They also tend to make your vehicle more playful and feel more secure when cornering aggressively. Installing strut bars or braces will also increase the overall rigidity of your car. You can discover a range of strut braces here.

It’s always a fun exercise upgrading and changing up your vehicle and there are so many cool and useable ways that you can do that. But never forget the absolute pleasure there is to be had, in simply hitting the open road...and driving.

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