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May 14, 2021


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You may have recently purchased a new Land Rover or you may have been in the club for a while now and are looking to turn a few heads and get a bit more out of your new baby. Land Rovers are amazing vehicles right out of the box, but there may be a tinkerer in you that is itching to tune it up and deck it out. Take a look below for some upgrades to set your vehicle apart, no matter where you may find yourself.

New Body, New You

There’s no denying that your Land Rover has a great and utilitarian look, but you could want to change it up for a more practical kit, or to perhaps be a bit more eye-catching. Consider adding body protection to keep your vehicle safe from minor mishaps. Engine shields and under-car protection are a must for anyone who does any form of off-road driving, as damage to your undercarriage can be catastrophic to any unguarded parts.

Wrap It Up!

Custom vehicle wraps offer infinite possibilities for a personalized, distinct look at an affordable price. Color customization has taken giant strides over the past few years, and the style options are comprehensive. Get a professional to do your custom vehicle wrap, as DIY solutions on the scale of a Land Rover are nearly impossible for a novice.

Next-Level Wheels

Some sporty alloy rims are a quick and easy upgrade to add new dimensions to your vehicle’s look. Paying attention to tires is important too. If you are going to be taking your vehicle off-road on occasion, then upgrading to all-terrain tires is a must for you. These tires are designed to have deeper grooves so that you enjoy more traction on loose surfaces such as mud and stones.

Storage Systems

If you have a larger-than-average family or go away on outdoor adventures, you will want to check out some additional storage options. By adding additional custom storage options like moulded trunk cabinets, roof racks and boxes, or a trailer, you can have a more comfortable ride and be able to take everything you need, no matter the adventure.

Driver Assistance Systems

Safety is everyone’s primary concern, and accidents can happen no matter how vigilant a driver may be. Add layers of protection and peace of mind for you and your family when you consider fitting an advanced driver assistance system. These systems provide forward collision avoidance techniques that can stop your car if an object is detected in your path. Get warnings if you start drifting into another lane without indication, and enjoy alerts that will notify you if you are over the speed limit. Retrofit a system like this and you can enjoy any travels and benefit from being a bit calmer behind the wheel.

With a few of the upgrades and modifications above, you can have your own fully personalized riotous Land Rover that not only provides you with the comfort you need from your vehicle, but the protective features you need to keep you driving it for many years to come. Not only will you feel safer behind the wheel, but you can now drive with even more confidence.

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