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What to Look For in Wheel and Tire Packages

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December 7, 2021


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If you are in the market for a new car, you have probably noticed that they don't come cheap these days. Not only are the prices of new cars rising faster than ever, but the prices of used cars are shooting up at an unprecedented rate. People want cars, and cars are in short supply.

There is little indication of when this bottleneck will end, which is why now is the smartest time to work with what you have and simply swap out old or faulty parts on your existing car for new and shiny ones that will extend the lifespan of your vehicle. This is why it pays to know how to choose the right wheel and tire packages. Wheels and tires are the parts of your car most likely to need replacing, so here's what to keep in mind when buying new ones.

1. Are the Wheel and Tire Packages Cheaper?

First off, you should make sure that your wheel and tire packages for your car are actually cheaper than just buying separately. Most of the time, wheel and tire packages are discounted to make it cheaper than buying each on its own. However, if you are truly not in need of a new set of wheels, or your tires are just fine, then it doesn't make much economic sense to buy the set.

2. Is It a Directional Wheel?

When buying new wheels, make sure you have the option to choose a directional wheel. These are wheels that mirror each other and tilt in the same direction with every move. Fully directional wheels like those offered by OZZY TYRES allow for smoother, easier driving and are especially useful for off-roaders. Of course, directional wheels can be more expensive, but this may well be worth it to you.

3. Wheel Width and Wheel Offset Matter

If you care about the appearance of your SUV or truck, then pay close attention to the wheel width and offset. Wider wheels have little practical benefit, but they add a more assertive, aggressive stance to your vehicle. Meanwhile, a higher offset will make your vehicle coach elevated and will likewise boost the impression made by your vehicle.

4. Do You Know Your Tire Size?

No matter what car you drive, tire size and tire load are crucial to know. The size of your tires will massively impact what you are able to do with your vehicle and what kind of terrain you are able to traverse. Make sure that you know exactly how to read tire sizes so that you do not end up wasting your cash on the wrong hardware. Of course, it is important to triple-check that your tires actually fit the wheels of your car, even if they all come as part of a set.

Your Automotive Questions, Answered

Choosing the right wheel and tire packages will help you get exactly what you want out of your vehicle and extend its lifespan. For more expert automotive tips that you can actually trust, we have got you covered. Learn more and save money with our official DIY car guides today.

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