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Things to Consider When Buying Automotive Soundproof Materials

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

January 6, 2020

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To most people, a car is a necessity and not really a luxury. It is a place where they spend some considerable time moving or commuting from place to place especially when for any reason, public transport is not available or conducive. This article heretalks about why you need to soundproof your vehicle. If your car is old, there is a likelihood it makes different sorts of noises ranging from the sounds from the engine to the annoying humming from the silencer to rattling from any other part of it. Even wind coming in through the windows can be a distraction. Sometimes, the noise is from the environment. For whatever reason your automobile makes noise, it could be very embarrassing and uncomfortable.  The good news is that you can soundproof your car. Soundproofing an automobile can be as easy as putting sound deadening foams or using any other soundproofing material in it. If you are someone who needs to reduce the noise of your car, then this article is for you. You need to know the type of automobile soundproof materials available and which one is the best fit for your vehicle. Asides deadening the noise, automobile soundproof materials also come with several other benefits. They help keep the temperature in your car pleasant especially during the winter months. These materials are affordable, lightweight and they can be installed easily. If you are new to this, it could be overwhelming as there are several materials available for you to soundproof your automobile. You can do it yourself if you are a handy person but it is a lot better to hand it over to professionals. They know the best sound deadening material for carsto use for different sections of your car and you do not have to bother or think of how to go about it and if it will turn out right.
When trying to soundproof your car, these are the things you should have in mind:

Sound Isolation Type

Soundproofing materials can either be sound absorbers or they can be sound blockers. Sound absorbers typically reduce sound volumes within a space. It is important to know that all materials are not made the same therefore you should know the kind of effect you will get from whatever material you choose. Automotive sound-deadening materials serve different purposes. While sound blockers reduce noise from outside the vehicle, sound absorbers typically reduces noise from within it.

Type of Material

The different types of sound-deadening materials available for use in a car include the following:
  1. Sound deadening car mats which are used in covering panels. It is usually the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of soundproofing their vehicle.
  2. Soundproofing rubbers - These are soft touch and easy to apply on vehicle panels. Rubber transforms sound energy to heat energy and reduces its frequency. Rubber also emits an odor that may be unpleasant especially if the car is left in the sun for a while.
  3. Soundproof foils - They contain thick fibers that absorb sounds. They are used underneath the car carpets and offer extra comfort in blocking out sounds
  4. Foam insulation materials – These ones are used underneath the floor mats and carpets and can also be used in the side doors. They absorb sounds rather than block it and this helps create a nice acoustic for the car’s audio system. Apart from sounds, foam absorbs water too so when using them, use closed-cell foams.
  5. Sound dampening sprays – These need compressors to work. As a result of this, they are the least used automotive soundproofing material. They are mostly used when matting is impossible.


The thicker the soundproofing the better. You have the option of either using a thick material or combining regular materials in a multilayered way.


When buying materials to soundproof your automobile, you must consider your car’s size and the benefits you want to get. That is what will determine the size of material you will have to buy. You buy based on the surface area you want to cover. Automotive insulation materials usually come rolled up so you can cut into the sizes or shape you need. Some manufacturers sell them in patches or sheets that can be used to cover smaller areas. This article about what to look out for in soundproof materials.

Oil Resistance

The likelihood that whatever material you use will come in contact with oil is high. Grease and oil will come on it at some point no matter how careful you are. Due to this, always chose materials that are oil resistance and can stick to your surface.

The flexibility of the Material

Using a flexible material makes installation easier. A vehicle has different contours, corners, and curves and you will need to bend the material to fit into all these. A material that is not flexible will not be able to fit perfectly into the curves.


As much as you can soundproof your car by yourself, it could be tedious as you have to remove a lot of screws, bolts, nuts as well as a lot of the car parts and components. You must therefore be able to return them to their proper places when you are done. Enlisting the help of experts and professionals will make it easier and faster and you can also be sure that whatever components are removed will be replaced to their proper positions. Again, based on several years of experience, they can tell you what material will be best for your vehicle.

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