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Could Finance Over Cash Make The Road To Happy Driving Feel Smoother?

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May 25, 2021


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Cars play an integral role in all of our lives, especially when you have a young family. Most people have dreams of owning their dream vehicle. But the truth is that the right solution is often something more affordable and practical.

Most people realise that they don’t need the car of their dreams to be happy. However, it might also be time to change your thoughts on whether cash is king. A finance repayment plan might work better. Here’s why.

A Financially Smarter Solution

Outside of buying a property, vehicles are among the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Therefore, getting the best value for money is essential, Buying a car on finance naturally helps you avoid a huge initial outlay. When you find a dedicated poor credit car finance service, it is even possible to get a 0% deposit. Or you can trade your current vehicle as a part-ex.

Aside from the initial outlay, car finance agreements often give you a little added financial flexibility. Many dealers will be happy to make the transition to another car in 3-5 years a lot easier. Meanwhile, at the end of the agreements, you can simply decline the balloon payment to give the vehicle back. Given the depreciation rates involved, it actually might save you money.

Getting a car on finance isn’t always the best solution, but it certainly gives you options. As long as you analyse it against your circumstances, it should be fairly easy to determine what works for you.

Opportunities To Get A Better Vehicle

When the financial situation is easier on your purse strings, it will also open the door to potentially buying a better vehicle. Right now, there are a lot of developments happening in the automotive sector. Autonomous cars and electric vehicles are two of the key talking points. Nonetheless, there are many new features to get drivers excited.

Buying on finance is easier on your cash flow. Tellingly, though, it also gives you a greater sense of security. Once you have purchased with cash, many (not all) dealers will forget about you. When there is an ongoing agreement in place, they need to provide aftercare and support relating to any issues you may encounter. Otherwise, your consumer rights will allow you to walk away.

As such, you will financially and emotionally feel better placed to shop in a bigger marketplace. Similarly, when going for a used vehicle, it could be the difference between an 18 plate and a 20 plate.

Other Life Aspects

The car has a telling influence on your daily life. Of course, you will take a test drive and check that the vehicle has the space and features needed to support your family. You won’t be able to modify the car, but you will be able to add accessories that can subsequently follow you to future vehicles. This allows you to create your perfect ride.

Moreover, buying a car can support other aspects of your life. For starters, making the monthly repayments will build your credit score and history. Likewise, the hassle-free processes are ideal for drivers who wish to spend more time actually enjoying life. The lack of stress simultaneously supports a better relationship with the vehicle. Not least because you can also get annual services included.

You deserve to drive a car that keeps you smiling. If finance agreements will make this happen, it is the road you should take. Every time.

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