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Is Owning A Porsche Car Worth It?

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January 27, 2021


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Porsche cars are often seen as the epitome of luxury effortlessly combined with meticulous German engineering. Founded in 1931 by the Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porche, the company soon became synonymous with speed. Now, alongside their sports cars, they also manufacture high-performance SUVs and sedans. But are Porsche cars really worth owning? The short answer is yes.

Best models

Despite the recession, over the last few years, Porsche has increased the number of deliveries in the UK as the luxury car market continues to grow. Here are just a few of their most popular models:
Cayenne – One of the company's latest offerings, and also one of the most popular. Available in a number of different trims including coupe and turbo, there's even a hybrid offering.
911 – One of the most popular and iconic models. The 911 is a compact sports car, that only gets better with each revamp.
Boxster – A portmanteau of boxer and roadster, the Boxster debuted as Porsche's more affordable car. The sibling of the 718 Caymen, Boxters sill evoke that indomitable Porsche spirit.

Why owning a Porsche is worth it?

Besides the bragging rights that come with owning a Porsche, there are some excellent reasons why owning one is worth it.


Depreciation on a car's value occurs the moment a new car is driven off the dealer's forecourt, however, some cars hold their value for longer. Unsurprisingly, Porsche is one of the brands to retain their value. Strong demand and historical reliability mean Porches depreciate slowly and typically have high resale values.
In addition, because Porsche is the top luxury car brand in terms of resale value by many used car dealers, they can prove to be a sound investment. Of course, to limit further depreciation, investing in alloy wheel insurance from companies like ALA will ensure your Porsche continues to look its best, as will regular servicing.


Whether you're looking for a sporty number for weekend getaways, a sleek sedan for comfortable commutes, or a family friendly SUV, there's a Porsche model out there. From coupes to cabriolets, four-wheel drive models to stripped-out racers, there's a style to suit your requirements.


Even entry-level Porsches enjoy the style and luxury you'd expect from a high-end brand. From leather seats to satellite navigation, alloy wheels to explosive handling. Even in the compact 911, drivers and passengers enjoy plenty of space and can ride in total comfort.

Running costs

Surprisingly, running costs are comparatively low compared with other luxury car manufacturers. To further reduce running costs low, rear-wheel drive models with optional automatic gearbox help reduce vehicle tax rates because of the comparatively low CO2 emissions


Handling is just another one of Porsche's strong suits. Agile through corners, with masses of grip, whatever model you choose you can traverse along country tracks and city roads with the same confidence – and if you opt for a four-wheel drive version, it's virtually unflappable.


Six airbags are standard on the majority of new Porsche models, as is the sophisticated stability control system. There are also Isofix child seat-mounting points on rear seats and additional safety features such as adaptive cruise control also help with the overall safety rating of Porsche vehicles.

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