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Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

June 7, 2016

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Our Land Rover Defender Tribute Build is finished. Check out the above YouTube video to see it in all it's glory. We've had one or two questions regarding the build, which we'll answer here. You can watch the entire build here.

Will you build me a Land Rover like this?

Yes! We are willing and able to undertake Land Rover rebuilds, from Defenders to Series One's. We have a few potential projects lining up, so be quick. We are offering a full years warranty on all our rebuilds and are essentially building 'as new' Land Rovers. As you will have seen in the videos, I have a very keen eye for detail and all vehicles will be subjected to an extensive quality checklist.

How much did it cost?

This Land Rover in particular cost me £8,000 about 6 years ago. I've spent between £10,000 and £15,000 on new parts. This doesn't include my own time, that of those assisting with the project or workshop rent and tool purchases.

How long did it take?

We collected the galv chassis in August 2015. The vehicle rolled out the workshop in March 2016. This was working around 30 hours a week on the build. All in, it took approximately 1,500 man hours.

What's next for FunRover?

We will be focussing on producing document builds for customers as well as some very special one-offs that we'd like to donate to charities and not for profit organisations. We are also developing some unique Land Rover security products.

Will you do a walk around video or provide me with high res photos?

All in good time. Right now, the vehicle is still needing some finishing touches so that I'm happy with it personally. This is my own vehicle after all.

Do you have any tips for rebuilding a Land Rover?

Be committed. Never give up, anything is possible and you can learn any skill - if you simply try.

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