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Owning a Land Rover: the unusual features

Matt Harvey sent us this great post about the day to day ownership of a Land Rover. Every single one is completely true!

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey

July 3, 2012

Bowler, Disco 3 & 110 Owner


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1: Ghosts

All series and defenders have a ghost, it usually appears at night in the back window and looks a lot like the driver.

2: Spiders

All series and defenders have Spiders, a sack full of spider eggs are fit at Solihull behind the mirror glass, even brand new ones come withSpiders.

3: To Do Lists

If you own a Land Rover you also own a “To Do” list, this can be split into upgrades, essential and pie in the sky and should be then categorized by budget and time.

4: Weathered Right Arm

Due to a lack of space your right arm is always out of the window, tanned in summer, windswept and wet in winter.

5: Paranoia

Every funny smell from outside, every strange noise while waiting at junctions sends a driver in to a nervous twitch checking temp gauges, gear levers, opening vents to get better listen to the engine. Usually followed by sigh as you realise it’s an old GPO Sherpa Van is along side you. This can also include driving in the inside lane on motorways as it’s closer to the hard shoulder (especially in traffic jams)

6: Surprise Relief

When you go away for a weekend in the family car usually about 20 minutes before you get home your thoughts turn to likelihood of your Land Rover still being on the driveway and surprise and delight when you see it’s still there.

7: Laissez faire Driving

You can’t go fast, you sit up high and see more, you relax, you let people out, you become a better driver.

8: Tourettes

While driving, sat in a cafe, office etc. If you see one you find yourself saying ‘Land Rover’ out loud and then congratulating yourself on spotting it. Friends and family will come to accept this but not really understand it and think you’re a bit weird.

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  1. Nick & Vicks says:

    Hey folks

    Great site!! Thought you might like our Africa overland website – 48,361km via West & Central Africa in a 1997 110 Defender Hard Top. Uploaded lots of FAQs, GPS data and films / photos etc…..

    Hope you like


    Nick & Vicks
    Stonehenge to Cape Town 2010/11

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