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Yesterday it rained a lot in the UK. So, here in the FunRover office, it was decided a trip out to find some fords would be a good idea. Unfortunately, between the clouds and the rivers, the water appeared to have got lost, as the fords we went through were only just above normal.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

September 8, 2011

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Still, we got some interesting pics and we've added to our list of things to buy (some video lights).

This road turns quickly from tarmac, to a rutted, muddy track (thanks to builders traffic), to a gravel based ford. We had great fun driving down it in the dark, but the road narrows to point and it becomes so overgrown after the ford we had to reverse back. Still, double the photo opportunities... We had to use diff-lock going back up the hill thanks to the dumper truck tracks that were quite deep. And there's a FunRover top tip, always engage diff-lock before you lose traction!

Last week we had chance to get out do a test of the iPad. We wondered whether the footage shot from it could be spliced as an A or B camera with a new project we have planned, here are some stills from the shots we took. The one above looks as though it may have been mounted onto the car body, but actually, it was just held out of the window, using the wind to keep the device in place. Not recommended-what-so-ever, but it made for some interesting videos.

Here's a shot driving down a wonderful greenlane near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. It's a very long gravelly-track that eventually leads onto some quite extreme cross-axle situations.

Here's an arty shot of the Defender's dashboard binnacle. You'll note full-beam was on thanks to the low light levels. Also engaged are the handbrake and (centre) difflock.

You can see the lane narrowed heavily just before the ford. We had to drop our pace to less than half-walking speed as established trees threatened to dent the soft bodywork. You can just about make out the cab light on the Landy.

That headlight cluster could only belong to one vehicle. It's shame the DC100 doesn't carry the same legendary, unmistakable layout.  The ford was only about 5 inches deep at worst, but we made an absolute off-roading error, not checking the depth before driving in. This could have been a very long wet night spent out in the middle of nowhere!

Just a light smattering of mud to be cleaned off, thankfully fords are basically natural car washes.

Carefully negotiating some tree trunks. Note the safety gear just behind the drivers seat "just-in-case".

Here you can see the kind of angle (which always feels worst in the cab) as well as the proximity to trees. We plan to come back down this route and sympathetically trim some of vegetation back (as per byway laws), however, this part of the greenlane, including the ford, looks as though it's been unused for decades.

Even though Land Rovers have poor turning circles, it's still possible to make a several point turn in the space of 10 feet.

We really need to fit some spot lights! The 90's lights only create a 3-foot band of light. Fitting spots is an easy way to give you a little extra safety when driving at night, especially whilst greenlaning.

The sloppy, messy surface illuminated by the reverse light. It was terribly slipper and sticky at the same time.

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