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Pics of the Week: December 5 – 12

This week we literally drove all over. From Otley to Holmfirth, we packed in some memorable locations and some even better greenlanes. Here's our favorite photos taken in and around the Landy this week.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 12, 2010

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Yateholme reservoir, near Holmfirth is rather pretty, even if the water is partly frozen. There's a few pics of this view, albeit it at night from our previous Pics of the week feature.

If you look very closely you'll see a nice Freelander just left of the footbridge. The guys were taking photos of the dam and perhaps me taking a snap of them. They also appeared to have some high power telescopes.

After spending an hour washing the Defender, you can imagine how we felt when we saw this. Fortunately, most of it washed off with a little water. After all that, we got it mucky again today. It's a good job that Land Rovers aren't meant to be treated like normal cars...

After a little greenlaning, we made our way over to Emley Moor Transmitting Tower. Emley Moor is the tallest freestanding structure in the United Kingdom at a height of 1,084 feet (330 m).

2 Icons meet. The Defenders silhouette must be the most recognizable shape ever...

About to drive through a very shallow ford (only around 2 or 3 inches at most)

Ducking around the pokey streets of Brighouse.

Splashing around in the ford at Brighouse. Some say this was originally built by the Romans. If it was, they've done a pretty good job!

Another fording picture, might clean off the underneath a little.

The spartan interior of a Defender. Not much going on, but the vehicle overall makes you smile. Country roads really do whizz past and you love every minute of it.

Another tidy Defender, that looks almost like a Fire and Ice Special Edition Model. Well, apart from the 2 mattresses on the back.

This picture was taken whilst washing the beast.

We were quite suprised today, whilst out Greenlaning, when we turned a corner and found ourselves in Emmerdale. Most of the outside scenes are filmed in or around Esholt, where the Woolpack pub is situated. Unfortunately, there was no time to drop in for a pint with the locals.

As we had to move onto the final destination, which was the Leeds & Bradford Airport observation area. This photo had a 15 or 30 second exposure, hence the blurry clouds and strong beam of light from a white van man who'd parked up to have his tea in the best place possible. Very jammy!

Looking out at the airport. We saw quite a few planes land and take off, which was great. Unfortunately, our electric sun-roof has conked out. We found this out as we excitedly clambered in the back to take a photo from the roof and it didn't budge. Will have to look into that.

Due to the exposure set on this photo, the planes left streaks of light across our images. This made for some interesting effects, but not very good photographs of the planes themselves. We'll have to make a request for them to slow down a little next time.

Another streaky plane. A nice effect, but we'll have to work on technique perhaps next time.

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