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The most awesome Land Rover you’ll see: ever.

This is the most amazing custom Land Rover Defender, ever!

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

June 5, 2015

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Land Rovers have been converted into hovercrafts, trains and even promotional vehicles to be 'driven' by elephants. More commonly Land Rovers are converted to expedition campers, capable of travelling way out into the wilds of a country whilst offering a space to sleep and limited home comforts.

But Safari Suites Ltd have produced something very special.


Essentially, it is an entire room stowed within the Land Rover. This room features a bed, proper clothes storage and even a veranda! Not only can you spend your nights dozing on a full size double bed, you have power, running water and a wrought iron spiral staircase to traverse to the upper level.


The bathroom is quite a step-up from a composting toilet - the walls are wood clad and it houses a full size bath. Just because you're out in the wilderness doesn't mean you should have to wait for hours to fill your bath - no this tub fills in 4 minutes, pumped directly from the 1000L onboard storage tank. You can travel quite a way before you begin to run out of water!


Clothes storage and a proper bed!


When stowed, the vehicle appears pretty standard


The flatpack structure is assembled by staff

This Landy is the ultimate way to explore wildlife reserves, in comfort, style and luxury!

  • Upstairs bedroom 14ft * 11ft, with a balcony of 7*5ft.
  • Inverted a/c solar power supply for lighting, 4 sockets, and electrical pump.
  • Solar hot water system with 120l litre hot water tank.
  • 1000 litre water tank in the bedroom floor, filled on arrival from a mobile 500l tank via the vehicles own water pump.
  • Wrought iron spiral staircase to lower floor.
  • Flushing toilet and cistern with magazine rack, spare gear stick loo roll holder and privacy screen.
  • Bathroom with full bath (four minutes to fill with vehicles own pump), basin, vanity unit and bench sofa
  • Closed awning area.
  • Two batteries in adapted casing for solar power storage.
  • Removable rear chassis section to facilitate easy bathroom access on arrival.

For more information, visit: The Land Rover features as part of a selection of tours, through various parts of Tanzania including Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and the Selous Game Reserve.

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