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3 Ways To Keep Your Lot Inventory Looking Fresh

Heather Gribbin

Heather Gribbin

February 14, 2019

Heather loves Land Rovers and spending time in the great outdoors.


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When vehicles are parked on lots in commercial locations, many things can make their finish unappealing, which is a major problem. During sales situations, salesmen must implement tactical procedures to sell automobile to consumers, and this process can be very challenging when brand new automobiles have unattractive exterior design elements. In order to keep every car looking fresh, a commercial dealership must have a dedicated maintenance team, and everyone on the team should have a specific role. If you don't know how to build a proper team, these strategies can help.

Abrasives Materials Technicians

Your abrasives materials team will use abrasive products in a variety of ways during maintenance jobs. Each technician must fully understand how to implement

  • Polishing procedures: Polishing is a process that eliminates swirls and scratches that generate on a car's exterior surfaces. Abrasive solutions can also remove dirt and correct oxidation problems. Your polishing technicians must always polish a vehicle before applying a wax.
  • Grinding procedures: When bird droppings dry up on a vehicle, the stiff goo can be removed with a proper abrasive product. Because grinding is a precise process, it requires patience and timing. If someone grinds a stain on a vehicle too quickly, an abrasive product may chip away paint as well.
  • Honing procedures: Honing procedures can help you maintain cylinders and other engine components. During honing routines, abrasive stones are normally used to complete general maintenance projects.

Car Wash Specialists

The car washing specialists will need to wash every vehicle when the weather conditions causes cosmetic problems. In most cities, the following environmental elements can make the paint on a car unappealing:

  • Wind: On a typical lot, dirt and dusts generates on pavements. When heavy wind drifts around a dealership, the currents can propel debris against automobiles. If your team washes each vehicle once a month, dust and dirt particles won't make the paint on your vehicles dull.
  • Rain: Rain can stain the surfaces on vehicles after it dry. The intensity of a water spot will vary based on the color of a vehicle's paint. Your car wash team can remove water spots following rainstorms with a solution that contains vinegar and distilled water.
  • Acid rain: Heavy acid rain can slowly damage the paint on an automobile. The paint layers peel and crack because this type of rain has strong acidic properties. Automobiles with a clear coat of paint must be washed regularly because they're very vulnerable following acid rainstorms.

Vehicle Wax Crew

Wax can make a car's interior and exterior stand out. The first thing that consumers observe when they shop for vehicles is the paint. If a coat of paint shines, more people will admire a car's shape and layout. By applying a fresh coat of wax on all of your automobiles, a lot of people will notice the best aspects of your inventory.

Besides curb appeal, wax also provides a strong layer that protects the finish on an automobile. If your team waxes each car often, oxidation will decrease curb appeal over time.

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