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4 of the Worst Car Behaviors You Need to Stop Doing Today

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February 24, 2021


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If you drive a lot, you might see all kinds of drivers on the road. What you would hope is that the people around you every day are responsible individuals. They should always obey the road’s unwritten rules, and they should never so much as fracture a single traffic law.

However, you might see people around you engaging in unsafe behaviors. Perhaps you even do them yourself sometimes.

Let’s run through some of the worst driving behaviors in which people engage. If you’re reading through these, and you realize that you do some of these things, maybe this can be the wakeup call you need to stop these activities. Every one of the actions on this list is potentially dangerous.

Playing Your Music as Loud as It Can Go

Some people buy a car, and then they improve the stereo system. They have a vision of themselves cruising the streets and bumping some window-rattling bass. They usually do this to get attention just as much as to enjoy the music.

If you do this, then you need to reconsider the behavior. When you play your car’s music at full volume, you might think you’re impressing the drivers and pedestrians around you, but all you’re doing is annoying them.

Besides, if you crank your music all the way up, and you get too into it, you can’t possibly pay attention to the traffic around you. You can easily crash your car, and then you’ll need to contact to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Eating and Drinking While Driving

You might love going through the drive-through to get a Big Mac or some Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets. There’s nothing wrong with getting the food and drinks you love from a fast-food restaurant, but once you have them, you should wait till you get home before starting your meal.

Many times, food and drinks can distract you when you’re driving. The issue is that you might be too busy trying to put mustard on your burger to notice that someone is in the crosswalk ahead of you.

It’s not the worst thing in the world to take a sip from your soda at a red light, but other than that, it’s best to wait till you park the car and turn off the engine before enjoying your meal. Also, even if you don’t cause an accident, you’re likely to spill food all over your clothing if you try to eat and drive at the same time.


Many people these days have a serious smartphone addiction. Studies have shown that some individuals get cranky if they can’t check their email or text messages every few minutes. Maybe you like to use your smartphone to play games or bid on eBay items.

If you’re driving, that’s not the time to do any of these things. The road ahead needs your undivided attention, and if you glance down to see what someone just texted you, you can plow into the car in front of you or run through a stop sign or red light.

If you’re in the middle of a texting conversation with a friend or relative, put it on hold till you get to your destination. If you feel like what you have to say to them is that urgent, pull the vehicle over and turn off the engine before you respond to them or look at what they said to you.

Accelerating Through Yellow Lights

Aggressive driving is also quite dangerous. There are various ways to do it, like tailgating and speeding. Perhaps one of the deadliest aggressive driving tendencies, though, is to accelerate when you see a yellow light.

If you see that you’re approaching an intersection, and the light is turning from green to yellow, you should be okay to go forward. However, if you notice that it’s about to turn from yellow to red, you should stop the car instead of mashing the accelerator.

Many people do this, and it can often cause either an accident or a near miss. You would think that someone waiting at a red light will take a second before accelerating when that light turns green, but there is no guarantee that they will.

If you’re trying to make it through a yellow light, and someone on either side of you accelerates, they can T-bone your car. You are going to get the worst end of that, so this is another behavior to avoid.

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