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Alt-Terrain And All Rain! Getting A Handle On Off-Road Driving

Heather Gribbin

Heather Gribbin

October 23, 2019

Heather loves Land Rovers and spending time in the great outdoors.


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In many ways, the Land Rover is the dream vehicle because it's got the power, the presence, but it can tackle every single terrain it lands on. A lot of people purchase a Land Rover for practicality reasons, especially when it comes to off-road driving. But what if off-road driving isn't your forte? Off-roading can be a perfect way to put your Land Rover to task, but if you're not prepared it's worth knowing some of the basics before you head out into the wilderness.

Get An Understanding Of Your Vehicle

Developing a sixth sense with your vehicle isn’t necessary but understanding some of the basics is. While you might want to make yourself a bit more knowledgeable in terms of traction control, locking differentials, as well as things like the bumpers, don't forget that when it comes to off-roading, one of the big mistakes in terms of your vehicle is getting a cheap body lift kit. When it comes to off-road vehicle reliability, you need the suspension to take the brunt of it. There are plenty out there, like Ridepro 4x4 Suspension systems, but remember, the suspension has to be a foundation to a strong vehicle. It's important but you don't skimp on the body lift kit.

Think About Some Specialist Equipment

You've got to think about the worst-case scenarios and this means that as well as shock-absorption, bumpers, and the relevant equipment needed to protect you from the elements, you have got to think about what will happen when you are out in the middle of nowhere. A winch is crucial especially if you're going out into the middle of nowhere. But you have to remember that operating a winch is a very specific skill. It's worth getting some training so you can use one properly. And again, while you might think that it's easy enough to get a cheap winch to save you some money, if it fails on you when you need it, you will be cursing it to the heavens. As well as this, think about a snatch strap, which is a little bit different from a tow strap. And in addition to this, what if you end up running into deep water? Get a snorkel to minimise vehicle water ingestion.

Be Aware Of The Weather Conditions

Different weather conditions will affect the ground you're driving on. You've got to understand the variations of traction, and how the different weather conditions affect them. But it's not just about using the vehicle to your advantage to get out of snow, mud, or sand. The vast majority of 4x4 manufacturers install only one traction control, but this means you need to understand how to get out of specific traction situations. For example, if you end up stuck in a “crawl situation,” you need to keep your speed low in case the vehicle such as extra damage from rock sitting the vehicle.

Off-road driving is certainly an adventure, but there's a lot of preparation alongside it. Your Land Rover can take you far off the beaten path, after all, this is what it was built for! But this is why you need to get a handle on it.

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