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DIY Tool Board: Tidy up your garage workshop

Store your tools on a budget and save time and money.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

September 8, 2014

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If you have a Land Rover, no doubt you'll have a lot of tools. Tools are brilliant, but they are cumbersome and bulky. This makes them hard to store whilst still being easily accessible. There are things like peg board and specially made tool cabinets out there, but these can be expensive. Here's how to make a very simple, effective tool board for around £10-20 ($20-40)


Tools Needed

  • Drill and or Screwdriver
  • Screws and raw plugs
  • 8x4 Plywood
  • 7mm masonry bit
  • 2x1 baton
  • Screws and hooks for mounting tools

First off, you'll need to measure out the wall you want to fit the board to, then work out the height you'd like the board at. This will differ depending on your own height and the tools you use most. I like to place all my most used tools at eye level.


Next, drill through the baton into the wall with a masonry bit (we used 7mm), and fit your raw plugs. We're attaching batons to the wall to space the tool board away from the surface, making it sit a little more level and even.


Finally, screw the plywood to the batons. Now comes the fun part. Time to hang your tools.


We've grouped related tools together. Spend a little time working out what goes where as this will stop you having to change everything later. You can hang or secure most tools with 2 screws. Spanners hang nicely from just one. Other, larger tools, like a lump hammer need 3 or 4, but once screwed into the board, they feel secure.


For extra points, you could draw around each tool with a marker pen. This little mod will save you hours in no longer having to search for tools! It'll save you money too, no more buying a duplicate tool because you've misplaced the original.

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