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Making Your Land Rover A Much Cheaper Purchase

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

May 15, 2019

Award winning automotive writer with experience rebuilding Land Rovers.


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Whether you’ve been convinced by the blog that a Land Rover simply makes sense as a purchase (good for you, if so), or you’re looking to replace a model that’s seen better days, it’s time to buy. However, you shouldn’t rush into the decision. That’s an easy way to get stung by a deal not at all in your favour. While a Land Rover might be an investment worth making, it’s still one that you can make a little more wisely than most drivers. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the best car for your money.

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Know how to negotiate

When it comes to dealers, their aim is to get you to pay as much for a vehicle as they can. It’s the nature of the game and it pays to remember that. So, have a strategy for you’re going to haggle them in the opposite direction. Knowing which extras you do and don’t want ahead of time, as shown at Exchange and Mart, can help you avoid getting roped into unnecessary expenses. If you know that the model of Land Rover you want is outgoing, you can use that to your advantage, as they’ll want to shift the inventory before the new stock arrives. Timing is important, too. Buying at the end of the month, quarter, or year means they’re more likely to want more sales to meet their timed sales targets and might go down on price as a result.

Don’t forget the used market

Land Rovers are very reliable vehicles, indeed. This means that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a brand-new purchase in order to get the most out of your drive. You should do your research on different used car sellers around you such as Hilton Garage and see how much you’re able to knock off the price by getting one that’s a year or two older. If you are going used, it’s a better idea to do it off the private market, too. Used cars from dealers are tried and tested, whereas if you buy from a private owner, you never quite know what you’re going to get from your purchase.

Mind how you fix it

If you’re buying a used Land Rover than you plan on making some improvements for or you simply want to control your running costs, being careful of how you get your parts is always wise. A trusted mechanic might sell you great parts, but they often come with a markup that make them more expensive than they need to be. Instead, you should consider looking at buying car parts online for reliable, cost-effective suppliers. It can make it a lot easier to keep your Land Rover cheaper in the long run.

As mentioned, the costs of car ownership go a lot further than just how much you buy it for. Learning how to drive efficiently and to maintain thoroughly are going to keep the costs of your car down for a lot longer, too.

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