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Quad Sales NI – Top Tips to Stay Safe on Your New Quad Bike

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December 3, 2020


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Driving a quad bike is a lot of fun. You get to experience a rugged terrain, and there's no better support than four wheels. Now, even though they're an amazing experience, you shouldn't get fooled by the appearance. They have a fast response time, and no matter what type of stroke you're starting out on, there are some steps to take before you take full control.

Many farmers use them to work on their farms, and rangers use them when they need to patrol forests. If they're not careful, then they can get hurt, and so can you. We're going to give you some tips that you might want to consider before you start operating this powerful vehicle. Click here to read more.

Wear your gear

Most people don't wear helmets, boots, goggles, and gloves. That's because they feel confident, and they feel like everything is under their control. But mistakes happen, and in a split second, you can find yourself on the ground.

At least 60 percent of people who get continuously drive a quad fall from it. Out of all of those, six percent get an injury that requires them to go to the doctor. Even though most of them only get a bruise or a scratch and a bit of lost dignity, why not avoid an injury altogether.

It won't take too long to put on a helmet, a pair of gloves, and boots. Safety should always come first because the experience will always be exciting and fun.

Don't do wheelies

Unless you're a professional preparing for a stunt, then there's no reason for you to try doing wheelies. They're a major reason why beginners get hurt. It seems weird that almost every beginner wants to do a wheelie, and that always ends in disaster. Follow this link for more info

There's no reason to stand on the seat and try to move your weight around. The terrain is a challenge in itself.

If you move your center of gravity to the back wheels, it's highly likely that you're going to give a bit more gas. That will send you flying flat on your back, and your quad might crush you from above.

Practice the brakes

When you get a new quadbike, the first thing that comes to mind is to test out how fast it can go. Even though that's an exhilarating experience, it's best if you test out the brakes first. They might feel different than your last bike, and that creates a world of difference.

If the brakes are too sensitive, you might not expect the force of stopping so quickly. If you're not ready, you can go flying in front of the bike. A good idea is to try used Quads Northern Ireland to see how it goes. Start a bit slower, test out the brakes, and see how they feel. Only then should you progress to finding out the limits of the new machine.


Just like regular bicycles, quads have handlebars. However, the steering isn't the same. That's because a bike has two wheels, and a quad has four. That makes it more like a car rather than a bike. The size is a bit smaller than a car, but you still need to compensate to prevent tipping over to the side.

The first thing you'll notice is that if you want to turn, you need to lean on the opposite side. For example, if you want to turn left, then you'll feel pushed to the right. If you've seen a competition between ATV riders, they're usually hanging off the sides of their vehicles. That's especially visible when they make sharp turns.

Stand up

If you want to go slow and enjoy the ride, it's best to take a seat and look at the nature around you. On the other hand, adrenaline rides force you to want to stand up. It's makes for a better ride, and it's much easier. Lift your body a bit above the seat and keep your knees and elbows bent. Don't lock them out because that decreases your control, and it will hurt a lot if you go over bumps and other obstacles.

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