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Sell your Car Quickly in South Africa with These Methods

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March 25, 2021


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To ensure a fast sale, you need to collect the necessary documents, set the asking price, advertise, and then communicate and negotiate with buyers

You may need to sell your car quickly for a variety of reasons, including divorce, relocating out of the country, or obtaining fast money to repay the debts. Trying to sell a vehicle is difficult in normal circumstances, but trying to rush through the process would add a significant burden.

When selling a car quickly, you may be obliged to accept a lower price than you will originally ask for, and the process may take longer than you anticipated.

Be honest with yourself about the time and effort you intend to put into selling it, including maintenance, mechanical inspections, and advertisement. There are some alternatives available when it comes to selling cars quickly and get the most money.

Sell to Dealer

The dealer will buy your used car under appropriate conditions. Take it to local dealerships and have the used car manager review it. Focus on dealerships that own your brands, such as Ford or Chevrolet. If your car model is in demand, thanks to a strong marketplace, they will pay you right away and finish the documentation. You might also find some dealers saying "We buy cars" in a legitimate way.

Drawbacks: You may not get the highest profit while following this route, and the dealer may not negotiate the price with you. This option may minimize the net profit of the used car you have used. They might not even want your car if it is in bad condition or is too ordinary. You will need to wash the car both inside and out, ahead of time, and keep in mind that the dealer will be in charge of the whole process.

Sell at a Discount

The second method is to discount the price below the market value and sell it independently. The best way is to advertise online. Follow the website's instructions to list your vehicle and ensure that the price is below the market value. However, when selling a car, especially when there is less demand, it will be hit or missed even if sold at a lower price.

Drawbacks: You need to clean the vehicle, take photos for the ad, and attach a vivid description. It can be time-consuming and may not be pleasant to meet with prospective buyers for a road test. When the price is meager, some people may be suspicious, so there should be room for price negotiations. You'll still have to deal with all of the documentation processes. You would need to make arrangements for shipments if the purchaser resides much further than your current location.

Sell to Friends Privately

Another quick option is to sell to a friend. Trading can bring you close to the actual market value, but this is certainly not a given. There is almost no need for advertisement needed for this, particularly if your friend is already acquainted with the car. You do not need to spend time for a thorough cleaning, but ask a mechanic to clean it, out of respect for your friends.

Drawbacks: If anything terrible happens during and after the sale, your friendship may suffer. They may also attempt to exploit the situation, especially if they know that you are in trouble. It may involve bargaining issues, be beware of suspicious payment arrangements. Transaction documents will also be your responsibility, which might confuse you. Learn more about the risks and advantages of selling your car to a friend.

Sell to Car Purchase Services

Another strategy is to unload it through a car purchase service. Several purchase services offer actual purchase prices, so they will check your car in a legit way and offer you a quote.

Drawbacks: Starting from the online purchase service, you need to take photos, and post them with vehicle descriptions on the website, process sales documents, and arrange delivery. Before the final sale, the vehicle must also be cleaned and inspected. The main disadvantage is that some companies will lower your price compared to value.

You can also sell your car in the following way:

Selling Cars at Auction

Auctioning cars is fast and relatively trouble-free.

However, there is no guarantee that your car will get the expected price. Compared with other sales methods, you may end up getting much less. Moreover, if it does not reach your predetermined price, you have to take it back home.

Most auction buyers are in the automotive industry. If you are lucky, you may attract some private buyers, they may be willing to pay a higher price for your car than the dealer.

You can also sell to junk car buyers or exchange parts of the vehicle.

The Best Time to Sell a Car

The timing is important, The annual sale time and the age of your car matters,

Please keep the following points in mind:

  • ┬áIn winter, when driving conditions are poor, four-wheel drive is more in demand.
  • When the weather is excellent in the spring or early summer, a convertible is the best option.
  • Because it is widely assumed that a vehicle is less reliable after 5 years or 60,000 miles, the newer it is, the more likely you are to sell one.
  • If you want to exchange parts, please choose one month. Usually, the dealer's business will slow down in January, March, August, and December.


When buying and selling cars, the buyers and sellers no longer transfer existing taxes.

However, you may excise the vehicle yourself, and the previous owner may request a refund.

However, the new taxes can now be traced back to the beginning of the running month, and refunds start from the beginning of next month.
So, if you sell and then buy a car at the beginning of the month, you will pay taxes twice.

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