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Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

October 15, 2014

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But the tasks and jobs that can be achieved with these amazing vehicles is as varied and differing as the people who drive and own them. Here's a small cross section of Landy drivers. Which type are you? Click on each image for a higher resolution image that can be used as a desktop wallpaper.



Farmers have long recognised, and made use of, the abilities of a Land Rover. Farmers will often leave a Land Rover completely standard, except for an Ifor Williams canopy, perhaps a dog guard and a few optional extras such as light guards. Landies can be used to plough fields, tow heavy trailers or just transport a lost sheep back to its flock.


Adventurers & Explorers

Land Rovers have taken adventurers and explorers to some of the most remote, exotic and unearthed regions of the planet and then safely back again - with amazing stories & research collected along the way. Adventurers need a little more serious kit, so will often pack bridging ladders, expedition storage boxes, canoes and extra spare wheels.


Off-road Enthusiasts

For the offroader, a Land Rover is a weekend toy. Every upgrade and modification is made with the goal of increasing the off-road abilities of the vehicle. You'll often see 2" + suspension lifts, larger wheels and tyres, jackable sills, roll cages and winches. This Land Rover owner can be found down at the local off-road pay and play site.


Rally and Race Drivers

More and more drivers use Land Rovers as a base for competitive motorsport. The Bowler Challenge in the UK is currently running to celebrate these fantastic vehicles in style, fitted with specially designed Bowler rally parts such as lightened bumpers and sills, dakar rally raid alloys, racing seats and harnesses as well as internal roll cages.


The Fire Service

The Fire service have been major users of Land Rovers for a while in the UK. Many rural fire crews have a Defender knocking around. These can be fitted with reasonable sized tanks to make them into fully fledged fire fighting appliances or just used as first responders for smaller fires and incidents.



Royalty all over the world maintain fleets of Land Rovers. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been a long proponent of the Land Rover and is known to still drive herself around on the Balmoral estate in one of her trusty dark green Land Rovers. One of her Series III Land Rovers was fitted with a "traffic light control" system that allowed her to give commands to the driver from her seat in the back, such as drive slowly or stop.


The Police

Land Rovers are useful tools to police forces with large, rural boroughs. They may be fitted with a holding cell in the back for miscreants and naturally have siren and emergency beacon systems onboard. Police forces in Northern Ireland used specially modified Land Rovers, designated as the "Tangi" during the troubles there and some of these were bought by British police forces upon decommissioning. Bradford Metropolitan Police purchased 6 ex-Northern Ireland Land Rovers after the 2001 Bradford riots.


RNLI Lifeboat Service

Many a lifeboat station has it's very own Land Rover, used for towing craft to and from the sea and general crew ferrying needs. These Land Rovers are worked hard but well-loved.


Mountain Rescue Teams

Land Rovers are often the vehicle of choice for mountain rescue teams, who need to transport their rescue teams and recovery equipment to remote, hard-to-reach areas, before bringing back those in need of help safely. These vehicles are heavily modified, complete with blue lights, first-aid equipment, winches and mountain rescue livery.


Land Rover Modifiers

In recent years, the trend of turning Defenders into sport vehicles has gained traction. These Defenders sport custom grills and headlight surrounds, lowered suspension, heavily tuned engines and larger brakes and alloys. Off-road tyres are swapped for low-profile sport tyres and CB radios for a sub-woofer.

What kind of Land Rover owner are you?

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