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5 Bizarre & Odd Land Rovers

Land Rovers are a curious thing. No other vehicle is as customised, modified and altered by it's respective owners. Because of those upgrades and adjustments, no two Land Rovers are the same. Here are 5 of some of Solihull's most bizarre Landy's.

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

February 2, 2015

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Land Jag


A Jaguar front end, Land Rover chassis / rear tub and the engine from a Suzuki... what could go wrong?

Jaguar-Land Rover are owned by the same parent company and are in a fashion, sister companies. But before the merger, this owner decided to make his own JLR cocktail. The ingredients? Take a 1972 Series III and use it's chassis. Add a bit of Jaguar XJ6, using it's luxurious interior and part of the body shell. To finish the whole thing off, lift the V8 Diesel engine from a Suzuki Jimny and drop that in. A strange vehicle indeed.



Hover Rover


In 1962, Vickers Armstrong built this, dubbed the 'Hover Rover' or 'Hover Truck'.


As you can see, it's rather complex. The problems with taking a Series 2a Land Rover and making it a hovercraft are numerous. The company decided to make the air skirt work in conjunction with the vehicle's wheels, so it wasn't a true hovercraft, but rather a cushion craft.

The air cushion required a second engine, greatly reducing the vehicles payload on road and gusting air from the cushion caused havoc with the crop sprayer on the back. It was deemed a failure, but an interesting idea nonetheless and one that we wish really had taken off.

Land Rover Series 1 Portable Cinema


A mobile cinema mounted to a Land Rover Series 1 is the perfect platform to reach outlying regions with films and public information messages. Because of this, quite a number of Land Rovers were used in Africa by governments and charities to show educational films. This would be the only way to show movies in remote areas for many years.

Blower Bentley


There's very little information about this vehicle. It appears to be a sort of Land Rover / Bentley hybrid vehicle and in our opinion, it looks fantastic! It appears to have RRC / Disco / Defender under pinnings and has modified Land Rover parts all over it. We heard that this may have been built by the editor of the now defunct Land Rover World magazine and was featured in a cover article.


The buggy has several built-in toolboxes.


The interior is superbly retro!

Bell Aurens Longnose


Thomas Bell and Holger Kalvelage, 2 German Landy enthusiasts, decided to build a special Land Rover. The concept was to combine the styling of a 2 seater 1960's Jaguar and a Series 2. The result is polarising - you'll either love it, or hate it. The Longnose is so named after it's gargantuan front end, sporting externally visible exhaust manifolds that make it look more like a Tiger Shark than a Land Rover. The rear end is equally as striking, the shape evoking memories of 1930's era car design. Sadly, the car never made it into production. Instead of 1,500hp 27 litre Rolls Royce Merlin V12 out of a WWII era Spitfire, the German road licensing authority made the chaps use a more conventional Rover V8 in their prototype. Additionally, the Longnose was built at the wrong time, during the worst of the global downturn in 2008 and as a result, development was shelved. The quoted retail price was $155,000 - each vehicle a bespoke build.

Fancy something a bit more normal?

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