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Is a Land Rover a Landy or Landie?

Landy or Landie? It's an age old question - one that's been ongoing since the first LR prototype. Probably. So what's the correct term of endearment for the Land Rover?

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

March 30, 2015

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Technically, the use of either the word "Landy" or "Landie" is an example of word clipping.  A lot of Land Rover owners use the term Landie, but how do these terms come about?

Which term do you consider "correct"? Landy or Landie? Time to vote!

Reductions of longer words typically reduce the word to one symbol (Land) then adding either -y or -ie, such as television to telly or Australian to Aussie. So which is correct?


From a grammatical standpoint, you'd use -ies to indicate something that is plural. A number of qualified teachers pointed that out on numerous forum posts. However, the term 'movie' is taken from "motion pictures". So, this technically could go either way.


JLR themselves may have helped to wrap up this debate. On the 08 December 2014, Jaguar Land Rover Ltd published their application for a trademark on the term "Landy". With numerous businesses and sites such as Landywatch, Landy Mag, Landy Zone and The Landy - adopting the title, it seems that the term 'Landy' is the accepted term.

Winner, Landy?

Landy seems to be the most popular, it also looks the best when written in our opinion. So, comment and vote and let's find out which version we should adopt!

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  1. madmort says:

    It’s a Landy … seriously anyone who calls it a Landie either doesn’t care for the English Language or suffered a sub standard education …

    Just kidding … either works but Landy works best for me!

  2. says:

    We are Landypart UK Ltdand have been known as landypart for 40 years, We are being ordered by Land Rover not to use the name Landy in our name.

    • madmort says:

      It’s outrageous but so many other companies have had the same treatment. My friend owns what is now VGS (Landyglass) and he had to change a while back. I’m not sure where people stand legally but I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t had to bow to their wishes on this one. It’s disgusting behaviour!

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