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Good news everyone! FunRover is back, well and truly. We've been away for the last few weeks and things have been hectic, but we've got a huge pile of parts to review and article ideas rolling out of our ears! But first, we thought we'd give you a quick update as to what's going on here and what we intend to do next!

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

February 16, 2011

Hello, I'm the editor of FunRover. I'm a massive Land Rover fan. Currently own a TD5 90. 2015 MR Blogger of the Year


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Camera Car Project

The Camera Car Project is coming along, we're waiting to order the new camera, just in case a new model is released, but in the meantime we've been setting about some of the jobs we need to sort. I can't really say how much time I've spent researching the "add-on's" and accessories, but I think it's probably an hour or so a day for the last 4 months. This is mega stuff  we are talking about, and there's so many parts available to buy. Some of them are essential, such as good lighting and flash guns but also gadgets like sliders, dollies and jibs for getting some really high-end, "Top Gear-esque" video shots. Then everything has to be fitted in the back somehow, not to mention the 2 extra seats, camera parts box and tow ropes e.t.c. We'll  cross that bridge when we get to it.

FunRover Livery

The original design, and then the final template sent off to the plotters

I've placed an order for some professional FunRover livery graphics for the Defender. They'll be arriving next week and no doubt they'll be on the car within a few hours. We'll make sure to give you a fitting guide as we do it. Here's a preview of the design, which consists of both sides having FunRover related graphics plastered on them and some Chevrons on the back, purely because they look the business. In my opinion anyway.

Future Articles & Reviews

There's a pile of parts slowly mounting up in the workshop that need fitting. We've half fit the winch received from our pals over at the Electric Winch Shop, this needs wiring in properly and is our main priority right now. We've tested it out and have to say, for the price , it's a brilliant winch! It'll be fitted properly using "p" shaped brackets to the chassis, as cable ties can snap if you ever ground out the chassis. There's a Mud interior rear door trim panel waiting to be fitted, a spare wheel carrier review to publish, some Exmoor bits and bobs and various other items to fix and review. Then there's the "How to" guides we're working on, such as a Waxoyling feature in time for spring and general rust-proofing. Stay tuned!

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