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Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 6, 2010

Hello, I'm the editor of FunRover. I'm a massive Land Rover fan. Currently own a TD5 90. 2015 MR Blogger of the Year


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We thought we'd take 10 minutes just to show you where we (used to) run, manage and update FunRover from. Over the last week, things have been a little hectic here and our office has been a proper mess as it went through a slight update. To tell the truth, it's been "colour coordinated" and stuff we don't really understand. However, overall we like the new look (even if it is a shade girly). After spending our first full day back in the new office, working has been quite pleasant and the soft colors are very soothing. We just need some Land Rover pictures and FunRover written on the wall and, as they say, jobs a carrot.

Still needs a tidying up, but we're rather happy with the look and feel. It needs to be right as we spend upwards of 10 hours a day here, FunRovering away.

The new 'reading corner'. Many a Landy mag or adventure book will be absorbed here.

If you look closely you can see our trusty DSLR camera, which is soon to be has been replaced. When we upgrade, we'll be doing HD Workshop videos, so that means the garage needs an overhaul. Pegboard is being ordered as we speak!

The desk was custom built by a joiner friend and combined with some Ikea trestles for a stylish but practical look. We now have tonnes of desk space for all our junk.

Our desktop this week is of the excellent Roving Dentist's 101 Mobile Dentistry. It's probably the coolest 101 we've ever seen. A 101 has been added to our "Land Rovers to own list". Even the pen pot and post it note bowl have been color matched to the wall.

This is the workhorse of FunRover, our main machine used for designing, editing photographs, posting new articles and managing emails.

This slightly smaller Mac is used for proofreading the site as well as checking out new products or spending several hours researching products on eBay. In other news, we've ordered a sample FunRover T-Shirt, which should arrive next week. We hope to be able to offer you guys some FR branded clothing very soon, perfect for a day out in your Landy or a few hours hitting your 200TDI with a lump hammer. Stay tuned, we'll tweet pictures when it's delivered.

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