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Give your Range Rover Sport a facelift

Give your Range Rover Sport a modern and minimal look

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

September 6, 2016

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The design of the new Range Rover is extremely cutting edge. So much so, that in comparison, some elements of the earlier models can look especially outdated. Take, for example, the Range Rover Sport rear tail lamps. The multi-coloured, heavyset lights fitted to the 2005-2013 models are unwieldy, reflecting a time of bold vehicle design that is no longer on trend.


We've never been a fan of those chrome inset rear lights that don't quite suit the class and elegance of a Range Rover.

Fear not, Glohh Automotive Lighting have produced an all new replacement tail light that will transform the appearance of your L320 Range Rover Sport. These sophisticated high-tech lights make use of microprocessor controlled LEDs rather than traditional bulbs, to give up to 50% increased light, whilst reducing power consumption. Dubbed by Glohh as the "GL-3 Dynamic", the lights completely revitalise the look of the RRS.


Featuring a minimal, uncluttered design

Function and Form

The GL3's have been designed to be extremely fluid in operation, with a series of LEDS triggered sequentially, with just a 350ms interval. The resulting output produces a silky-smooth motion. The lights are supremely bright and well-arranged - the indicators, position and brake lights are crystal clear to other road users, even at a distance or in poor visibility conditions. The sculpted outer lens closely follows the silhouette of the body, offering improved aerodynamics and less drag.


Be seen in all weathers

Glohh have worked hard to make sure the GL-3's will satisfy all global ECE and US Department of Transportation safety regulations.

Azhar Ahmad, Glohh’s Marketing Manager said:

 “The original GL-3 Taillight was never just a fashion accessory for Range Rover Sport drivers - this intuitive rear light design provided users with a sleek look, improved power efficiency and an easy plug and play installation. It was only natural to us that our new edition should evolve further. Incorporating the Dynamic Indicator feature adds an additional layer of safety and the new fog lights offer greater visibility when you need it most. Fine adjustments have also been made to the outer lens, brake light and the three glowing elements making the GL-3 Dynamic essentially uncompromised”.


The GL-3 will plug directly into the existing factory wiring loom, making fitting simple. The overall transformation achieved, as well as the enhanced lighting characteristics and longevity, thanks to those LEDS, is plain to see.

GL-3 Dynamic is set to launch worldwide this Autumn and will be making its debut in the UK. You can purchase the GL-3 Dynamic from the Glohh website for  £649.00GBP ($898.00).


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    Have thought about the same for Discovery 4

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