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Announcing our Defender tribute rebuild

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

July 31, 2015

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It's officially time to announce something we've been working on for a long while. We’re building a stripped back, fitting tribute to the Land Rover Defender and you can follow along every step of the way.

The 15-20 part series will take you from the galvanised chassis right the way through to the bodywork and final finishing. As per usual, we will carry out as much of the work ourselves as possible, so that we can inspire our fans to get out and build their own Land Rover.

The final product will be our own 'celebration' edition Defender, but with much more styling cues taken from the past to send off the Land Rover Defender in our own unique way. The goal is to craft the vehicle to, at minimum, factory standard - if not higher.

We're dubbing this the Series IV, as we've mostly been inspired by the oldest Land Rover around, Hue 'Huey' 166. In essence, we want to see what would have happened if Solihull had carried on developing the Series line of vehicles.

The main goals for the project and build are:

  • Create a stripped back, capable, rugged Land Rover
  • Retain practicality and capability

Jobs we're undertaking

  • Galvanised Chassis Swap
  • Complete repaint and bodywork
  • Restoration and replacement of many major components
  • Upgrading and improving the vehicle, whilst retaining a 'factory' look
  • ..Lots more!

Support the build

You can support our videos through Patreon. Donations can start from as little as $1, with plenty of awesome FunRover gear offered as rewards. Companies can also sponsor individual episodes via Patreon, or send us an email to discuss the build further.

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