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New Defender coming in 2016

The new Defender is coming in 2016

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

October 29, 2014

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We understand that this is similar to the production design. Source: Autocar

More Defender replacement news! According to Jaguar Land Rover group marketing director, Phil Popham, the Defender replacement will be "the most capable Land Rover ever".

This is the first time any such claim has been made. It shows that the replacement to the outgoing Defender will retain or improve on it's current 4x4 ability. We know after Land Rover's announcement in August that the design has been "finalised" and signed off. But the Summer 2016 release date now banded around is considerably sooner than the 2017-2019 suggestions that were mentioned previously.

It also suggests that we may see the launch at one of the various high profile car shows in 2015.


No further details are known about the production specification but, it is likely that we'll see the new JLR high performance, high efficiency Ingenium line of engines under the bonnet, either a 4 pot or V6. These will probably be turbocharged. The bolt-on-bolt-off Defender panels will no doubt be gone, with an aluminium monocoque passenger shell but separate chassis and body design been utilised - effectively the T5 Discovery 3 or 4 line. This design proves to be strong, rugged and using aluminium exclusively provides weight savings . Transmission wise, it looks at the moment like it may have an 8 or 9 speed automatic gearbox.

FunRover Mock-ups

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Defender Rumour Round-up:

  • Ingenium engine, 4 cylinder or V6 Turbocharged
  • 8 or 9 speed auto transmission (no word on manual)
  • Interchangeable wheels and tyres with Land Cruiser and Hilux
  • Premium designed interior
  • Based on modified T5 platform

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  1. clive mark says:

    if this is near to what the new defender will be like i will be visiting my dealership to leave a deposit to get in the the vehicle as soon after launch as posible

  2. Kim a says:

    Can’t see this taking muddy dogs and feed up top field, I think they are losing the true identity of what a LANDROVER stands for, ie discovery, range rover, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, bring back the models that have served land rover well over the decades. (Don’t try and compete with Japanese models,buy one of them if that’s what you you want), I’ll stick to old faithful td5 ????

  3. luwisha chris says:

    its nice i like it

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