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This is also not the 2016 Defender

This is also not the Defender!

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

March 5, 2015

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A few days back, we did a post about how a concept image that had resurface on the internet was not the new Defender. Now, we're having to do it all over again!


You see, what happens is a Land Rover magazine needs to fill it's pages. Car blogs need to generate traffic. They have a lot of pages to fill (and adverts to show) and so often will employ the services of a digital artist to create an image of what the new Defender could look like. These images are interesting - but only the artists impression and should be regarded, at best, as bearing a probable resemblance to the final vehicle. An educated guess. But nothing official.

However, people on the internet get swept along in the furore and believe the image to be genuine, because it looks realistic. In the case of this image, below, we can hands down tell you it isn't a spy shot of the new Defender or a sneak preview.

The Registration


VX61 BRF. Not an outstanding number plate by any means. But it is old. It's a UK number plate - circa 2011 / 2012. Why would this just now be making news?


It just so happens that whilst browsing through the Jaguar Land Rover newsroom we came across this Land Rover official photo. Note the registration. A quick vehicle text check shows the registration to be that of a 2.2 Puma TDCI Defender, the very one in this photo in fact. Panic over people, it's a Land Rover mag's artist impression.

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  1. The new design for the Land Rover Defender (if that’s true) is awesome though. Thanks for the info

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