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Readers Rides: Sean’s 101 Mobile Dentistry

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

December 17, 2010

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If one pristine example is going to move you to buying a 101, it's this one. It's probably the best built, practical example of a 101 we've ever seen. Let's take a look at how the build started and the results of Sean's mammoth project, turning an ex-army 101 into a Mobile Dentist Surgery for work in the wilds of Canada. Warning! This post could cost you a 101 size lump of cash.

So how did this project get started and why? Well, in Sean's words:

The Roving Dentist is a mobile dental office bringing dental care and dental surgery to remote communities around the world

Sean picked the Landy over a Hummer and a Mercedes Unimog. The Hummer failed to make the cut as it's too heavy and wide for practical use in the wilds. The Unimog was again hampered by it's own weight and the inherent mechanical complexity, making bush repairs difficult.

Sean chose a 101 in the end, thanks to it's 72" width and relatively small wheelbase. Thanks to it's design, the 101 is simple to repair and has great towing and load capacities. It really was a no brainer.

As you can see the original vehicle need's a little cosmetic touching up, but was and still is a very solid vehicle mechanically. Sean was amazed with the offroading capabilities, when trying a trail he'd failed to complete in his Series III, he found the track to be much less challenging. Sean estimates the vehicle can be submerged around 50" before you get into any real problems. So, satisfied with this mighty truck, he set about working.

Sean took his living space design to a local steel works, who produced this fantastic aluminum rear body frame and stainless roll cage. The process was painless (bar a near miss with a leaky fuel tank) and pretty soon the 101 was ready to leave the shop, complete with it's new battle armor and weapons, featuring no less than 4 winches!

Again turning to specialists, Sean commissioned this special, king cab style soft-top for upfront. Apparently, this is entirely watertight, an usual feature for any Land Rover, let alone one designed originally for use by the Military. The cab was also re-worked to give a little more comfort, with new seats, sound-proofing and carpeting fitted. As you can see, it's been painted at this stage and looks fabulous in a white and black contrasting color scheme. You can also see the rear cab in a little more detail, complete with a roof rack and ladder to access it.

The next stage in the build was to find a boat builder who would be happy to build the rear cab skin, inside and out. After a little searching, one company stepped in and did an impressive job to say the least. Sean specified that the cab should drop into the bed of vehicle and this has afforded an extra 1-foot of head room inside, whilst keeping external dimensions the same.

Yes it is...

Inside, the finishing standard is amazing. There are work-tops, microwaves, ovens, stoves and even sinks, all built right in!

Sean did a lot of the finishing work, wiring the 101's gadgets up and the end result is the best Land Rover camper we've ever seen. It's been amazingly well thought out and you can tell Sean has put some serious effort in to produce his (and my) ideal Land Rover.

There are benches, microwaves, mirrors and even a shower! Sean designed the table in the cab to drop down to make sleeping space for two.

However, that's not all! This 101 has one last trick.

The camper lifts off it's load bed and becomes a self-sufficient, solar (and wind) powered base. Using Hi-Lift Jack Stands. What a clever and unique addition!

All the effort Sean has put in really shows. This is a truly amazing Land Rover and a brilliant example of how customizable and flexible a Landy can be. When they came up with the slogan, the "Best 4x4xFar" they really weren't lying.

For more information visit the The Roving Dentist website.

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