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Exmoor Trim Leather Gearbox Gaiter

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

February 24, 2011

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Most of the things we've reviewed so far have involved heavy lifting, freezing cold hours spent wrenching away and lot's of thought. It was nice to have a simple, yet very effective product to install for a change. The Leather Gaiter by Exmoor Trim is a very simple fit indeed. In fact, install probably took less than two minutes and requires no tools what so ever.


  • Made from Leatherette, available only in black
  • Fits LT77 & R380 gearboxes
  • Will fit any Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 up to 2007.
  • Quick and easy install, no glue, tools or drills needed!


Based upon our past experiences with Exmoor products, we have a very high expectation of quality from any of their products. However, once again, this product delivers beyond our expectations. We believe it's hand made and the finish is excellent. It has a real luxurious feel to it. That said, the material is very much wipe clean, so if you did happen to get mud, grit, sand or cola on it, then you can simply wipe it down. We found the old rubber gaiter attracted dust and stains and held onto them, whereas the Exmoor replacement is much easier to keep clean. So, it's rugged, attractive and faultlessly made. We love it when you can tell some thought and planning has gone into a product. It really stands out with the actual fit and tolerances here, you simply stretch the bottom over the neck of the gearbox tunnel. The gaiter sits very firmly and snugly in place.


Fitting the Exmoor Leather Gaiter is a cinch. Simply unscrew your gear knob and the diff lock / low box knob, peel off the old rubber gaiter and drop the new one over the top. The base of the gaiter is elasticated (very firmly mind) and can account for different thickness of carpet, rubber matting e.t.c. We have a rather thick, moulded rubber matting in our Defender and the leather gaiter stretches over the top of this. Once in place, it feels and looks very factory and has drawn lot's of positive comments. If you have a leather interior in your Defender, fitting one of these gaiters is the perfect way to tie the gearstick in with your theme and add that little extra something to the cab.


This is a really solid, attractive product that adds that feel of luxury to the Defender. It's a great replacement for the old rubber boot and will bring your cab into the 21st century. The best feature of this product is that it doesn't look aftermarket, or like something purchased from Halfords. On the contrary, it's incredibly tasteful and at less than £20 RRP, a great value upgrade for your Landy.

For more information, visit Exmoor Trim

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  1. patently says:

    Looks good – so good that I’ve ordered one for mine 🙂

    Camera is working well, too.

  2. patently says:

    Fitted! Looks good.

    The main gear knob came off easily, a little too easily in fact as it left behind the threaded collar that should have stayed firmly wedged inside the knob. About a yard of electrician’s tape smoothed over the step and meant that the old gaiter came off neatly without having to cut it.

    I’ve put a black cable tie over the free end of the main gaiter, as you can see. The gap looked a little wide, and I think it’s neater this way.

    Very pleased!

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