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FlatDog Wolf Box Review

We review the popular Wolf storage box by FlatDog UK

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

July 18, 2014

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The humble Wolf box is one of the most popular overland & adventure travel storage boxes. It's reputation is well-earned. We recently tested this very one, with the intention of trying to damage it. The results? It's a little scuffed and scraped, but structurally fine. It looks pretty decent aesthetically too. Here's our review of this impressive box that is perfectly suited to the hard rigours of travelling.



  • Stackable
  • Made of an impact resistant ABS plastic
  • Based on the Wolf box design
  • Designed to fit the load bed of a Defender



The Wolfbox measures 52cm x 40cm x 24cm. There is ample space in just one of these boxes. We've used ours for carrying camera equipment, camping gear and tools - its travelled all over, we haven't mollycoddled this box at all - but it still looks great. You can easily throw several days worth of food, culinary and cooking utensils into it's interior and still have space left over. It'll swallow up tools to make a very comprehensive in-car toolbox. You can fit numerous large, bulky and oddly shaped spares into it. And if you run out room, you can simply pick another box up, stack it on top and start all over.



The box has incorporated heavy-duty handles that don't dig into your hands, even if the box is fully loaded and heavy. The designers of the Wolf box could've made it huge! But that would mean you'd need either 2 people to carry it, or a solo attempt could result in injuries to ligaments when lifting heavy weights. The Wolf box is the perfect size for one person to be able to carry it comfortably. Little features like this really emphasise the input that's gone into this products development.


The bottom surface of the box is raised by a series of inter-crossing baffles. These offer further protection and rigidity to the box. These are also the key that allows the boxes to inter-lock and, when connected to another container, make a very secure stack.

Internally, there are 4 small holes that help with cutting down moisture build up in the box.


The lid fits well and offers a reasonable seal against outside contaminants (though it isn't entirely dust or water proof. You'll need the optional inner canvas liners to seal up the inside completely)


The Wolf box lid has 4 catches, one located at each corner. These have a very reassuring snap to them, once closed, the lid is secured well. It'll survive those accidental drops and knocks as a matter of course.

IMG_3674 IMG_3666

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We're very pleased with this storage box, and for the price of around £27.00 plus postage from FlatDog, think it's a great option for anyone looking for a good value container to safely carry their worldly goods. We'll be investing in a few more no doubt in the future, as our video equipment collection is ever growing.

  • Build Quality
  • Value for Money
  • FunRover Rating


  1. Heather Gribbin Heather says:

    I recently purchased one of these and love it! It’s so useful!

  2. Green Land Rover says:

    The 18L Really Useful box offers an alternative at nearly 1/3 cost.

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