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MUD UK Rear Door Trim Review

We review the MUD UK Rear Door Trim

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

May 13, 2011

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Since trying out the Mud Curry Hooks we reviewed a few months back, we've become huge fans of MUD Products. All of their products are custom designed and sourced to a very exacting standard. The best part of MUD products though, they are designed by people who own and love Land Rovers, since 2003. Thats why MUD Products are are probably one of the best all round packages you can buy on the market. Today, we're looking over their rear door trim piece, replacing those old vinyl covered hardboard pieces and ugly gray trim pieces. The MUD item is a rugged, attractive, all-in-one design that really smartens up your interior.


  • Factory style, attractive design
  • All-in-one construction
  • Flexible storage net included in kit
  • Simple installation, requires no specialist tools
  • 1 - 2 hours fitting time
  • Rugged, plastic is scratch resistant and finished for a standard appearance
  • Available in grey or black to suit

The Kit

Included in the Rear door trim kit are all the necessary fitting brackets, screws, the cargo net, bolts for the door handle and a MUD UK adhesive badge. This is a very well thought out, complete kit. In fact, MUD products are probably the best items we've come across for easy to follow instructions, high manufacturing quality and practical design. So much so, we couldn't wait to crack the tools out and get it fitted to the test vehicle. It's worth noting the MUD trim will only fit to pre-2002 Defenders, as well as 90 and 110 models.

Fitting Guide & Photos

First off, you need to remove any existing door trims and furniture. Obviously you can leave things like the door lock on there and the wiper motor if you have one, but trim pieces and grabholds should be stripped off. Be careful with them if you plan on selling them on. Here's our door stripped down, we took the opportunity to give the door some TLC with a rust convertor.

The kit includes all parts necessary to fit the trim piece. It's very complete and includes a nifty MUD UK bevelled sticker to finish the door off. You could also purchase a small Land Rover one to fit too (off eBay).

Here's the kit's cargo net and holder. It has a slightly elasticity to it, for storing odd or bulky objects on the trim.

It's always a good idea to lay out the kit to see what your working with. You'll note the excellent quality of manufacturing on all parts.

Time to bust out the fitting instructions. MUD UK have spent quite some time compiling these and they are very easy to follow, which makes a change from some of the other parts we've had to fit to the Landy.

MUD's trim includes a nice factory finish texture. It looks standard and offers some resistance to scratching and scuffing.

MUD have given the trim a factory look speckley texture. The result is a very standard looking piece of trim, instead of screaming aftermarket, you get a much more subtle and tasteful interior.

The next step is to offer the trim piece up to the door. You need to grab a pencil and make some rough markings of any areas that need cutting. The best technique (and the one MUD recommends) is to keep test fitting and trimming, little by little. This works well as no Defender door will be the same as the next, ensuring an excellent fit every time. Spend a little time getting it right and always check twice, cut once!

Here's our first cut. This is a great area to start on if you're not confident with a Dremel, as it's just two straight cuts. The material will cut like butter once the cutting disc is up to speed, so be careful!

These slot cutting discs are well suited to the job (though they are actually intended for cutting aluminium).

Here's our tool of choice, the humble Dremel. If you don't have one, get one! It'll save your day often!

Here's that first cut. It just needs a little sanding / filing.

Here's that first cut. It just needs a little sanding / filing.

Work your way round the door, cutting out small sections at a time, till the trim piece sits flush against the doorframe.

These pieces of angle aluminum will form the mounting points for the door. Once attached, they are very sturdy. A great solution.

MUD include all necessary fixings, including some proper trim screws, that simply click together to form a strong joint.

Here are the trim mounts attached to the door frame.

Once the mounts have been affixed, you need to drill the side of the trim, through the mounts. You then use the small black trim screws to join the two together. You might choose to use a tap here as if the drill bit slips, the trim can mark.

The screw in place. The fit is very snug and secure, there's literally zero play in the trim

The final jobs are to go around, fitting all the trim fasteners in place, attach the cargo net and stick on the MUD UK logo.

The grab handle also needs to be drilled and bolted on.

The finished result is excellent!

An easy mod, that should take an hour or 2 to carry out, but once done, it beats those vinyl covered cardboard items Land Rover fitted.


A brilliant piece of kit, that looks like a factory fit! Very rugged, stylish and well priced. Land Rover should be installing the MUD UK trim piece from the factory.

For more information, or to place an order, visit MUD UK, manufacturers of this product and dozens more that look equally excellent!

MUD can be contacted directly by phone, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am & 5pm (GMT) on +44 (0) 1422 881951, or by emailing them.

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  • Build Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Fitting
  • FunRover Rating

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