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Stolen Land Rover? Try LandyWatch

Find out about a growing community that is called LandyWatch

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

August 29, 2011

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LandyWatch is a new organisation that we recently came across on our world wide web travels. They are aiming to clamp down on Land Rover thefts and related crimes by building a community of Land Rover owners who are willing to look out for, and if needed, help recover stolen Solihull metal.

Some of the features of LandyWatch:

  • View / List Stolen Land Rovers
  • View / List Stolen parts
  • Report and view Suspicious activity in your local area.
  • Flag-up potentially suspicious vehicle sales both online & in the printed media.

LandyWatch are working alongside the police and 3rd-party security companies to be able to offer their members solid advice on keeping their Land Rovers secure. They aim to make Land Rovers a more difficult vehicle to steal. In essence, it's an adaptation of the British, Neighbourhood Watch, but instead of nosey neighbours, you have genuine Land Rover enthusiasts, with a serious understanding of the threats owners face.

View LandyWatch Monitoring in a larger map

A concept like this works best the more members it has, thus extending it's reach and stopping power. We've registered and it would be great if FunRover readers could get behind the project and give it your support. It's free and pretty simple to sign-up (takes less than a minute). We're working on switching over our stolen Land Rover section to that of the LandyWatch database, in order to help build a singular point of contact for owners with stolen or damaged vehicles.

You can do so by visiting LandyWatch

In other (related) news, we've been concerned about the security of Land Rovers recently, after having to break into to our own Defender. With that in mind, we're starting work on several products and modifications that we feel will bring a Defender up to modern car security levels (and hopefully higher). We can't go into much more information as we feel we have some seriously unique and different products in the pipe, but we'll of-course announce them here first, as well as hopefully offering discount to FunRover readers!

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  1. Peter Adamson says:

    I have a London Wheelclaming Company Commercial sized wheelclamp and an official “Police aware” sign laminated. This was on the advice of my local police in The Scottish Borders. Really heavy duty!

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