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Benefits of Having a Land Rover as a Company Car

Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

November 27, 2017

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Company cars are becoming a less common offering these days. The reason is a UK government tax increase imposed on company cars and a mandate that is focussing on removing diesel vehicles from our roads. Many business owners are likely reconsidering whether company cars offer a valuable proposition. Do experienced and qualified job seekers find them an attractive incentive? And are Land Rovers a practical company vehicle? In this article, we will answer all these questions.

First, you'll want to calculate the tax applied to your desired Land Rover model and spec level. You'll find that Land Rover have produced their own car tax calculator, which is available at the Land Rover Company Car Tax Calculator. The website is very easy to use and is a great resource provided by JLR!

Land Rovers Are an Incentive to Potential Employees

In the last decade or so, Land Rover have repositioned themselves as makers of premium, luxury vehicles. Prices for Discovery's and Range Rovers have soared to the point that many people can’t afford to one buy new without finance. Offering Land Rover models on your company car options list could be very attractive to potential new employees. Research into how offering a company car is perceived by a job applicant, has shown tat they are a significant motivational tool. Offering high spec Land Rover and Range Rover models at your business could well open up your company to better qualified job hunters.

Land Rovers Are Practical

Businesses in the construction industry, where frequent off-road driving is required, or those that necessitate national travelling will benefit from supplying Range Rovers / Land Rovers to their employees. Take for example the Land Rover Discovery. This vehicle is incredibly capable driving on all terrain but also well suited to long distance motorway driving, all with a sizeable load-carrying and towing capacity. As a bonus, your business will not grind to a halt at the first sign of wintry showers!

Land Rovers Present a Good Image of Your Business

Using Land Rovers as your company vehicles will present your business well. It shows that you support UK manufacturing and appreciate stout, capable vehicles. They may not be the fastest, but they will reliably deliver when needed upon. The Land Rover brand can subtly convey this to your customers. It also suggests that your company is financially stable and sizeable. Appreciative employees will be grateful for the use of a new and prestigious vehicle.

Consider Business Leasing

Whatever the size of your business, you'll want to consider business leasing. You may be able to negotiate a multi-vehicle deal. Suppose you want to lease yourself a Range Rover and your travelling sales staff Land Rovers, companies like All Car Leasing can handle everything from the sourcing of suitable models to arranging affordable finance. As a bulk purchase customer, you'll likely receive discounts and other offers that non-trade customers will miss out on.

Get a Company Car and Claim Back the VAT

In the UK, we are charged VAT on almost all purchases. Company cars can qualify for VAT refunds, up to 100%, depending on its usage. The government website has a helpful page for determining how much you can claim and what for. You maybe able to lease or buy that new Range Rover Vogue or Discovery with a hefty price cut!

Land Rovers present a practical and sensible option to offer your executives, sales team, technicians and maintenance teams. Do you have a business fleet of Land Rover / Range Rover vehicles?

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