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Driving Land Rover Discovery: Things to Keep in Mind When Off-Road

Key features of the Land Rover Discovery.

Heather Gribbin

Heather Gribbin

November 6, 2018

Heather loves Land Rovers and spending time in the great outdoors.


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The British brand launched a new model in 2017, the Land Rover Discovery 5 and it’s not just another luxurious SUV. With this new model we get to meet new technology designed for tackling off-road terrain – which is not an easy thing to do, and can really make the difference between this model and the others who are left looking for a map to find a paved road. This SUV is great on the road and off road and is all about comfort. It’s really what sets it apart from competitors like Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW.

We’ve prepared in this article things to keep in mind when it comes to taking the Land Rover Discovery off-road. The Land Rover Discovery features a lot of stock off-road options. You may consider other accessories like winches, bumpers, fender flares, tow straps, or tires made for off-roading. If you're after off-road lights, the vehicle lab has a decent list to choose from.

The Discovery has a lifted suspension system that helps it get through the rough stuff on the trail – and the best part is that you won’t have to worry about damaging the undercarriage. You also won’t get lost in the deep snow, mud or sand.

However, this kind of vehicle does not give the handling of a true on-road vehicle – the one that buyers would like to spend their money on. So there was only one solution, and that was to choose the company’s adjustable air suspension system, which comes with about 11.14 inches worth of ground clearance – but only when it’s at its highest position. This also adds to the 19.7 inches worth of wheel articulation (which is quite useful when  climbing undulating terrain) and to the 3 feet worth of water fording ability.

The low range gearing is not compulsory

The Land Rover Discovery range from 2017 has full-time four-wheel drive. Those who want an upgrade can get a two-speed transfer case, if they want their off-road experience to get better. It’s true, the low-range gearing is helpful when it comes to amplifying the torque and easily escaping tricky situations – but it’s actually better than just relying on the single Torsen differential to make the difference in the high range system. You can get it in ‘shift-on-the-fly’ configuration, as well and this means that you can swap in and out of the low box up to 37-mph.

Terrain Response 2 details

The Terrain Response 2 system, which became a standard part of the Land Rover Discovery set-up, makes your life easier when it comes to off-road driving, giving the driver five settings which are meant to tailor the SUV’s capacity to overcome obstacles. It has the auto mode, which is made to respond to the changing conditions, such as snow, grass and gravel. Also, sand, mud, rock crawl and ruts. It’s accessible from the dial on the center console, and responds to things like suspension management, throttle response, torque split for the four-wheel drive system, the traction control, and stability.

The low-end turbodiesel torque and the trail

Land Rover Discovery has 340 horsepower, it’s supercharged 3.0 liter V6 – and they’re standard. But for some extra money, about $2,000, you can get the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 – one that drops 254 ponies, but b. posts the torque to 443 lb. The diesel engine can really come in handy, and that for 3 reasons: the low-end torque delivery that offer you the power that you need, the reduced throttle sensitivity that makes it very easy to modulate the wheel spin, and the best fuel efficiency, that allows you to stray farther from certain places, and all thanks to the boost in the driving range.

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