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Setting Up An Auto Business? Keep This In Mind

Heather Gribbin

Heather Gribbin

January 23, 2019

Heather loves Land Rovers and spending time in the great outdoors.


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When you truly have a passion for cars (or bikes or any other kind of vehicle), you may be interested in working with them. And it doesn’t have to be Land Rovers, but any other kind of auto that you are passionate about or love. Because what could be better than working on your passion all day long? Not an awful lot - that’s for sure. But taking something from a passion or a hobby and looking to do it full-time is quite a big deal. It can also be a lot of work. And so, it’s definitely important for you to think about this properly. There are things that you might need to be aware of or know about. And there are definitely things that you’re going to want to put in place. Here they are.

1. A Plan

First of all, you need a plan. You need to know what kind of business you’re going to set up and how it’s going to work. For this, it could be that you want to do breakdown recovery and fixed old Land Rovers. Or maybe you want to buy cars, fix them up, and then sell them. Just know what works for you and create a plan to start small.

2. Insurance

Next, you need to find you insurance. Because as an auto trader, you need to have the right level of cover. If you’re small and operating from home or on the road, it could be that road risk insurance is sufficient. But, if you’re looking at getting a premises where there’s liability, you might need something more comprehensive that covers more than just you on the road.

3. A System

Then, you might like to think about how the business is actually going to operate. And this is definitely important. Because you need to be able to function financially and keep track of what work you’ve got. For this, you might want to look for an accounting system that is specific to your niche. You may even want to look into operations software that can track your workload for you. Just think about what’s going to work best for you.

4. Customer Service

If you are on the road a lot, you might need some help managing your customers. Do you want an assistant or will you take calls while you’re working and on the road? Make sure you have a way of managing this, because you don’t want to lose business when you’re out and about.


. Marketing

And finally, it could be that you need to start marketing your business and everything that you’re doing. And yes, this can be quite hard if you’re still working full-time at another job or if you’re new to marketing. But setting up social media accounts for your business is a great start. And just connect with other auto enthusiasts or people in your area. Also think about building a website or a blog to promote what you do. Be consistent with what you’re doing, and the custom will come.

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