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Ben Gribbin

Ben Gribbin

July 30, 2012

Hello, I'm the editor of FunRover. I'm a massive Land Rover fan. Currently own a TD5 90. 2015 MR Blogger of the Year


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Every so often we ask you all for a bit of feedback and direction. We're looking to branch out a little, we're hoping to move into an industrial unit soon with more room for the Landy, more space for taking photos and more time for producing reviews e.t.c. But we're also considering venturing into the world of Land Rover Defender production. There's a lot of companies out there doing it, but many focus on expensive, power-mad builds, which look like the dream of an 18 year old farmer. Would anyone be interested if we added our own slant on things, by offering properly prepared Defenders for normal Defender drivers? For people who enjoy holidaying in their vehicle but also just driving it from day to day? All with the FunRover level of super high quality?

We're not sure on absolute specifics, but first, we'd like to know whether there's an interest for something along the lines of this, for around £10-15k.

Shoot us an email to funrover(at) We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Jeff Foland says:

    How about being an importer/exporter of Defenders to the United States? Presently, good used Defenders bring totally ridiculous money. Those of us who “bleed green” are offended at the proposed DC100 “Hot Wheels” model intended for the US. Anything to help would be appreciated.

  2. richard says:

    I brought a 1996 300tdi 90 some 4 years ago and immediately plotted a trip to Morocco. In 2010 I went in a party for about 20 days. Brilliant. I believe your idea has merits.
    Happy to chew the fat over my experiences and COSTS.

  3. garry dunn says:

    I am a serving Policeman working in around CO. Durham which has a number of towns and villages and lots countryside, as such i get to speak to lots of farmers and country folk. I also have a few friends in the used Land Rover sales and repairs business, Diamond Land Rover Ltd in Butterknowle near Bishop Auckland, Steve and Gordon have over 30+ years experience and specialise in series and Tdi models. Where am I going here, well from my own experience and that of my friends above, a lot of people want a basic workhorse without computer ECU’s, EGR valves, CAT’s, just a badic workhorse that can be run on a shoe string, ie. cheap oil e.g 15w/40 etc and not fully synthetic oil etc. Plenty power fir towing livestock to mart etc but decent mpg. Interiors what can br hosed out etc. Basically a ‘back to basic’s’ land rover, picking up where land rover left in the late 1990’s.

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