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Smart Tips on Selling Your Junk Car in To A Buyer in Denver

Heather Gribbin

Heather Gribbin

April 9, 2020

Heather loves Land Rovers and spending time in the great outdoors.


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As humans, we are wired to have a wide emotional range. We put a sentimental value on the things we consider close to our hearts. Like a stuffed animal, your old childhood house, or your first car.

Saying goodbye to your old car is not that easy to do. Especially if you are the type of person to give it a name, cares for it like you would your kid and talk to it like you would with another person. All the memories and experiences it held makes it hard to let it go.

According to research, many people tend to develop an emotional attachment to their vehicles(read more). But, as with everything in life, everything must go. Including that old 1996 Nissan Pickup truck of yours.

At some point, you will need to get rid of your old clunker for practical and financial reasons.

Here are some tips on how and where to sell your junk car in Denver.

1. Sell it as it is

Your beloved car can do you one last good thing—earn cash. If you lack time and money to repair it, you can sell it as it is. List it in the newspaper or online with a description of its current state. Note of any faults and damages it bears so that potential buyers know what they are in for.

2. Sell it to junk car buyers online

If your car is a total wreck, it is time to junk it for cash. This is the easiest and most convenient option for cars of any condition—especially one that did not survive a collision. Junk car buyers like will give you a free and reasonable quote to get the most out of your damaged car. They have several branches that include the Denver area.
Make a quick search on junk car buyers near you and only do business with those that can be trusted.

3. Sell its parts

If you have the time to break down your car and sell its parts, then do it. Even though it is old, well-maintained and quality car parts can still make money. Resell its stereo unit, side mirrors, and battery. Private parties or companies sometimes look for an old car unit’s spare parts. They buy it as a replacement or as part of their vintage collection.

After you take its parts out, you can sell the body as scrap metal. There are junk shops and traders that buy metal scraps but for low prices. You can still do better in selling it to junk car buyers.

4. Sell it online

If your car is still in its pristine condition, you can capitalize on the wonders of the internet and sell it online. You can also clean it and repair minor scratches. You can get a better deal out of a washed car instead of a rugged-looking one.

First, you need to determine the value of your car. Since you are not an auto expert, get a reliable estimate of how much your car is worth. This way, you will be able to lay down and offer a reasonable price to your prospective buyer.

After that, you can advertise it and do website postings on local sites. Write down an honest description and accurate condition. Include images showing every angle of your car. Provide proper contact details and meet-up locations. Then, get ready to meet with your potential buyers.

5. Donate it to charity

Your used car has seen better days. It may not be up for another ride but it can do one last good deed. If you have the heart of gold, you can choose to donate your junk car for a charitable cause.

You can donate it to legitimate charities like Habitat for Humanity. All proceeds for the sale of your car will be able to help many families. Another plus side of donating is the tax deduction that you can get out of it. The government can deduct it on your income or federal tax return.

Make sure to only donate to a known non-profit organisation to avoid getting scammed.

6. Trade it

Your last option is to trade your used car for a new one. But, car dealers can be manipulative and can take advantage of you. Be armed and get an estimate of your car’s value before trading it in.

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