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A Checklist of 6 Road Trip Essentials for Your Car

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July 18, 2020


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Travelling is the best way to learn about life. Naturally, going on a trip elicits a host of emotions and things you would like to do. Happiness and excitement are the top two on the list. A long drive needs a lot of things, including the right ambience, riding music, and perfect companions. But whether you buy tyres online or get an extra global positioning system gizmo, there is other more practical stuff that you need to consider.

An outing experience should get you from your home to your destination safely. So, you should ensure two things for your peace of mind. First, you should pack your journey essentials – clothes, money, toiletries, snacking food, etc. And second, you should check the one vehicle that will take you there – your car. The latter is usually undermined and forgotten until an unfortunate incident takes place. Safeguard against said episodes by ticking the boxes for six things you must do before any trip.


Your car fluids keep it going all the time. The first thing you need to check is the oil, which is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Most manufacturers suggest an oil-change every ten thousand miles. You should also inspect your radiator fluid or coolant to reduce the risk of overheating.

The brake fluids are equally important. When you step on the brakes, and it feels like you are stepping on a sponge, then the fluid may be contaminated. It would be best if you had it replaced, especially when you have reached the twenty-four-thousand-mile mark. And lastly, examine and flush out power-steering and transmission fluid every fifty thousand and sixty thousand miles, respectively.

Regular car maintenance

Aside from the usual fluid check, several components must be checked for wear-and-tear before a long drive. Brake pads and air filters are essential for a smooth ride. Also, ensure that your headlights, blinkers, brake lights, and tail-lights are in perfect working condition.


The safety and fuel efficiency of a vehicle relies on the car tyres. You can buy tyres online. However, you should check for its condition before your trip. If it is underinflated, it will waste gas. On the other hand, if it is overinflated, it will shorten your tyres' lives due to an uneven wear-and-tear. Tyre pressures should always be checked before you leave and upon reaching the one-thousand-mile mark.

Have your tyres been rotated and switched? They should be every eight thousand miles or if you see a specific tyre tread wearing down faster than the other side.

Cleanliness inside and out

You need to do three things before setting out on a trip. The first thing is to clean the interior of your car. A smelly vehicle will leave an unpleasant vibe throughout your journey, so be particular about that. The second is to wash the outside of the car. And the last one is to organise all the excess things in the car – cords, gadgets, and power adapters. Eventually, everything will be lost during the outing. So, it is best to have a designated area for them for easy access for everyone. Also, have a small trash bin in your car, so that snacking residue goes straight there and not the floor.

GPS and mapping backup

During your parents or grandparents’ time, traditional maps were a necessity in the family car. Nowadays, most people do away with bulky printouts because of a built-in GPS. But if you are about to drive into unfamiliar territory, a lot of things can happen. One of those is the possible loss of your GPS signal. Another one could be a battery problem. So, to be safe, have both navigational systems in your vehicle.

Pack extra

An over-packed car will be a burden to your trip companions. But you can never be too prepared. Who knows if the bed and breakfast you booked have an extra towel or blanket for use? And you might require additional clothing if you decide to stay for one more day. If you still have some space in the car, then it may be best to pack some extra necessities. Do not overpack, and you still leave some space for your backseat travel buddies.

Hitting the road is an exhilarating trip into the unknown. So please ply the roads safely with positive memories along the way. Before a road trip, basic car maintenance is a must for any traveller, whether alone or with companions.

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