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Everyday Driving Risks That Could Cost You Money

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May 12, 2021


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There are risks in everyday life. Many of them are not detrimental to our finances, but there are some that really will hurt our bank balance. These are the risks that hide in plain sight. They appear to be just like the other risks, a little sketchy but nothing to write home about. Yet, when we feel the impact they give off, we can certainly recognize them. But too little too late, right? Well let’s take a look at what these risks are, and pull off their disguise to show them for what they really are.

The blind spot

Every single car has a design flaw. We can’t see through the safety pillars. Okay, joking aside, it's actually a real problem. We cannot see what is in our blind spot, while we’re driving. Something as small as a bicycle and something as large as a truck can hide in there too. It's amazing, and yet terrifying. If you get hit by a truck, it's not always your fault. Even if they were hiding in the blind spot, the truck has the duty to double-check because of its size. Getting hurt by this kind of vehicle can result in horrific and often mortal wounds. But a talented team of truck accident lawyers can save you the money you would lose, by having to pay for the recovery yourself. At least this way you don’t lose money from taking time off from work.

The red light

Did you know that 90,000 injuries are sustained just from red light accidents? Yes, up to 1,000 people die wrongfully, with many more thousands dying due to their own risk-taking. They took this risk at the wrong time, because they thought that out of potentially thousands of red light runners, it wasn’t going to happen to them. This is what is known as a pure risk. It's a risk that has nothing but a downside. Getting to work or the shops, 30 seconds before others, is not a win. You could get pulled over and be given a ticket by the police. Getting hit by another car at a red light crossing can be fatal or total your car, costing you money if not your life.

Too familiar

When you have been driving the same route to work for years and years, you get used to the streets, roads, and highways. It's quite normal to almost go into an auto-pilot and just let your muscle memory and subconscious do the driving. However, when you aren’t expecting something that’s when you’re least ready for it, even if it's a minor issue. It could be that the road is shut and you need to find another route to work. Maybe the road has a hazard at the more difficult point. Staying alert behind the wheel is not a mindset we’re all born with. It's a skill that you need to teach yourself.

Driving is by no means rocket science. But it appears far easier than it really is. Please be safe on the road, be alert behind the wheel, pay attention to your blind spot and don’t jump red lights.

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