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How to Plan an Off-Road Adventure

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August 12, 2022


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If you enjoy the thrill of the open road but like the idea of travelling down routes that are more rugged and less used by the public, then you may be considering planning an off-road adventure. Clearly your off-road vehicle should be fit for the route planned before you embark but there are also several other important factors to consider. This article will explain three key points to remember when planning an off-road trip. With this knowledge you will be assured that the trip will be both pleasurable and safe.

Take friends with you

Any off-road adventure can be infinitely more enjoyable when it is undertaken with likeminded friends who share a spirit of exploration. A key point to remember is that the journey itself is just as important as the destination and exploring as a group means that you will have stories and experiences to share for years to come. In addition, it is wise to bring friends along who have a reasonable mechanical knowledge. If you are driving down rugged roads or completely off-road mechanical problems can occur regardless of the overall condition of your vehicle. Having friends who can pitch in and help to fix any issues with your vehicle will ensure that the trip stays on schedule and without needing to detour to the nearest garage. Also consider that in the event of any serious problems or circumstances that may cause injuries your friends will be able to seek help or administer basic first aid.

Vehicle checklist

Before any off-road adventure starts it is vital to prepare a vehicle checklist to make sure that you have suitable kit on your car and that it is in a fit state to undertake the journey. It is well worth visiting your local garage to give your vehicle a thorough inspection to be absolutely sure that there are no undetected faults that could cause problems during your trip. Double check your cars insurance policy too. Whilst everyone likes the idea of inexpensive car insurance it is important to check the policy wording to see if your vehicle is covered for off road use. If it is not, you may need to consider buying additional cover for your trip in the event of mechanical problems that may cause costly repair bills.

Consider fuel consumption

Regardless of the age, model and general condition of your offroad vehicle, it is important to realize that driving off road or on rugged routes will cause higher fuel consumption. For starters, the vehicle is likely to be travelling at a lower speed than on conventional major roads and highways and you may be shifting through the gears more often to gain suitable traction and acceleration on steep inclines and rough roads. This will all lead to increased fuel requirements for your journey. It is therefore of great importance to carry additional fuel supplies for your trip, especially if you are planning to take routes that are away from major urban centers and fuel stations. See here for tips on the safe transportation of additional fuel reserves for your off-road vehicle.

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